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Bioterrorism Resources on the Internet: A Primer [Full Text]
From smallpox to anthrax, botulism to biological toxins, terrorism is no longer just a vague threat. Eva Perkins has put together a well-rounded and timely collection of resources for searchers in need of accurate information.
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The Online Information Conference Celebrates a Silver Jubilee
It's been 25 years since Learned Information Ltd. debuted what is now recognized as the world's largest information conference and expo. Marydee Ojala, no information newbie herself, offers a glimpse into the well-known and up-and-coming companies found on the exhibit floor in London this past December.
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Dialog Pricing Redux: Déjà Vu All Over Again [Full Text]
Who else but Mary Ellen Bates, the undisputed Dialog pricing expert, would dare to compare DialUnit charges to connect-time rates? Through a series of 20 searches, Bates determines if it ever makes more sense (instead of costing more cents) to use DUs.
Page 36
Newspaper Publishers in the Post-Tasini Era [Full Text]
In less than 10 years, newspaper archives have evolved from file cabinets overloaded with article clippings to online repositories of millions of stories. But in the light of Tasini, publishers must deal with freelancers claiming copyright infringement. How will the papers rebound and what lies ahead? Librarian Cary Kenney shares her insights and predictions.
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Getting from Print to Online: A Searcher's Advice to Publishers and I-Commerce Concerns
Read all about what makes the transition from the printed page to an online page a success in Barbie Keiser's latest gem. Keiser looks at two of the major newspaper publishers' foray into online waters and highlights some of the best efforts of other print offshoots to date.
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Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
In "Guilt and Money," bq addresses what happens when it costs a client big bucks for a search that turns up nothing.
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The Better Mousetrap
Nancy Lambert's annual review, "That Was the Year That Was," chronicles the events in the online patent world in 2002, looking at such companies as USPTO, Dialog, Questel-Orbit, STN, and MicroPatent.
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Tools of the Trade
Are you singing the reformatting blues? Then has Sheri Lanza got a utility for you: SmartWrap the Clipboard. Lanza also suggests a good tool for sharing bookmarks, ShowURL.
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Internet Express
Or, maybe you've got the "my job's on shaky ground due to this recession" blues. Then Irene McDermott has a bunch of employment sites for you ranging from industry-specific jobs to general library listings, as well as places to go for help with resumes, letter writing, and even self-assessment tests.
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Missing URLs.
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Best Buys
You'll want to check out these hardware and software recommendations before you make that next big purchase.
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Find the postal and electronic addresses, phone and fax numbers for all the companies, products, and people mentioned in this issue.
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