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Data in the Corporate Universe: It's a Dangerous World Out There
Helene Kassler looks at how the Internet has expanded the ways and means of business duplicity at the keyboards of disgruntled former employees, bored computer geeks, dishonest competitors, and the like. 
Page 16
Susan Funke reviews LEXIS-NEXIS' new "dot-com" service, NEXIS.COM, critiquing its search capabilities, subject directory, Web content, and its SmartIndexing technology among other features.
Page 30
Charlatans, Leeches, and Old Wives: Medical Misinformation [Full Text]
Susan Detwiler pulls no punches in her investigation of erroneous medical and health-related Web sites luring in unsuspecting souls who might be searching for a cure for cancer or a way to increase their libido, reporting on what sites to be wary of, which to run from, what ones offer sound advice, and how to tell the difference.
Page 36
Bookmarks: Our Unruly, Unmanageable Friends
In search of a better way to organize and utilize her massive collection of bookmarks, Sheri Lanza tests out several options, including URL Manager 2000, Powermarks 3.5, and URL Organizer 2, to see if any are worth the switch from Internet Explorer's built-in bookmark utility.
Page 48
Gardening Resources on the Web [Full Text]
Springtime is just around the corner, so what better time for Janet Evans, library manager of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, to share her favorite gardening sites, which offer everything from plants, seeds, and tools, regional planting guides, expert advice, and other resources for those who have a green thumb or are trying to cultivate one!
Page 54
Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
bq takes issue with a Library Journal article that spreads "myth" conceptions about librarianship entering the "twilight zone," countering the author's attacks with her own on-target rebuttals.
Page 6
Behind the Screen [Full Text]
In the debut of his new column, Richard Wiggins sets his sights on the search engine Google, comparing its design and functionality to other search utilities and, of all things, the Palm Beach ballot.
Page 10
Lysbeth Chuck asks why librarians seem to be MIA when it comes to filling the role of market researcher within an ever-expanding knowledge industry.
Page 61
Internet Express
Irene McDermott answers two questions in this month's "Curb Cuts on the Information Superhighway" article: how do you make the Web accessible to people with learning disabilities and why should you?
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