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The U.S. Census Bureau in the 21st Century: Data, Data, Data [Full Text]
To learn more about the access and distribution of the Census, Miriam Drake interviews librarians associated with the American Library Association's Government Documents Round Table (GODORT) and surveys Census Bureau staffers. 
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Web-Based Delivery of Federal Documents: As Census Goes, So Goes the Nation?
Due to looming budget restraints, the Government Printing Office, the Federal Depository Library Program, and the state library systems will face a sea of changes. Denise Hamilton looks at how these changes will impact the role of the librarian within these systems.
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Counting Heads Around the World: 
The Genealogy of International Census Data, Part I [Full Text]
In the first of a two-part series, David Mattison studies the census tradition within the U.K., Scandinavia, and selected European countries and how cooperative projects between governments, genealogists, social scientists, and church organizations have begun to make these records much more accessible. Mattison also looks at the software and standards developed by the research community as well as privacy and copyright issues that surround census data.
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Access to Government Information in a Post 9/11 World
Laura Gordon-Murnane examines how the electronic information policy developed under the Clinton administration has been changed under the Bush administration as a result of the September 11th terrorist attacks. 
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Desktop Data Mapping
Catharine Palmer critiques three mapping software products MapPoint, Maptitude, and GeoMedia to see which will serve her best in a project requiring visual display of 2000 Census data combined with IPO analysis. 
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Desktop GIS Tools for Demographic Information
Andrew Nicholson, map and GIS librarian at the University of Oregon, compares two GIS applications, ArcView and MapInfo, to help a variety of users decide which will work best for them when extracting and accessing specific types of data.
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Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
In "My Country, Right or Wrong?," bq encourages information professionals to design a new gasp! Web-based system for the delivery of federal information.
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Web Wise Ways
Jill Ann Hurst and David M. Oldenkamp find out just how well LexisNexis Statistical Universe, one of the LN Universe Web packages, provides the various types of statistical info you might need on the state, federal, international, and industry levels.
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Internet Express [Full Text]
Got somewhere to go? Or, need reliable information about a local or foreign locale? Irene McDermott provides a plethora of portals and other online map resources, from directional and instructional to aerial, historical, topographic, and, yes, even extraterrestrial! (Can you say, "ET, map home"?) 
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Find the postal and electronic addresses, phone and fax numbers for all the companies, products, and people mentioned in this issue. 
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