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E-Global Library: The Academic Campus Library Meets the Internet
Jean Heilig explains how Jones International University developed this fully Internet-based virtual library to provide students and faculty with the best of campus libraries, available in a portable, Web-based environment. JUI ended up with a revenue-generating service available to other academic libraries.
Page 34
The Continuing Adventures of Scholarly Jones
Grab your fedora off the hat rack and join Dr. Jones, archaeology professor, as he tries to avoid the pitfalls (and other hidden surprises) of subscription services that have switched over to pay-per-view for scholarly archives.
Page 44
Negotiating: From First Contact to Final Contract [Full Text]
Seymour Satin outlines the finer points to consider when bargaining with vendors, offering his list of the top 15 "golden rules" that will ensure you end up with a good deal when all is said and done.
Page 50
Fear, Software Integration, and Religious Wars: Internet World 2001 [Full Text]
Joseph Helfer looks at a variety of themes tied to Internet World 2001, including convergent evolution of Internet-enabled apps, and interviews executives from Digital Creations, MicroStrategy, and Core Intellect.
Page 55
Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
In her usual calm, cool, collected, and politically correct manner, bq offers a pointed rebuttal to the book Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper, which is causing quite a ruckus in the librarian ranks.
Page 6
Internet Express [Full Text]
What happens when a normally wise searcher gets caught up in a "save money quick" site called CyberRebate? Irene McDermott shares the purchasing saga of "Gadget Girl" in hopes of saving others from going down this pricey and perilous path.
Page 18
In "Dot-Com. Dot-Bomb. Dot-Gone," Lys Chuck connects the "dots" to find out where many went wrong and how info pros can help turn the tide against easy-come, easy-go Web information exchanges.
Page 26
Premier(e) Books
Take a preview of a forthcoming book, The Invisible Web, by Chris Sherman and Gary Price, which probes the problem of finding high-quality information available on the Web but undetected by search engines.
Page 62
Tools of the Trade
Dave Rensberger tackles the somewhat daunting task of making back-up files of all your important computer data to ensure it stays always accessible, despite ever-changing technologies.
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