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Educating Tomorrow's Information Professionals Today [Full Text]
As the profession of librarianship finds more positions falling outside the realm of the traditional library setting, Carol Tenopir pinpoints the resulting challenges facing the country's ALA-accredited schools: keeping new recruits coming while simultaneously preparing them for a changing LIS backdrop.
Page 12
A Day in the Life of an Information Broker
Ready to kiss that weekly paycheck and aggravating commute to work good-bye? Well, before you join the ranks of the self-employed info pros, Mary Ellen Bates wants to have a little chat with you!
Page 24
Beyond the Information Audit [Full Text]
Chris Dobson looks at the techniques to employ to give your organization a thorough information system checkup to make sure resources, time, and money are all keeping the company performing at an optimum level.
Page 32
The Info Pro's Survival Guide to Job Hunting [Full Text]
When you're looking for work, it can be a jungle out there! Luckily, Mary-Ellen Mort is ready to be your tried and true guide, leading you past the most common traps waiting to snare you as you hunt for that "perfect" job.
Page 42
Building a Brand: Got Librarian? [Full Text]
According to Cynthia Shamel, most high-ranking members of the business world are unaware of the crucial role librarians can play in the field of knowledge management if given the opportunity. Her article addresses the implications of this situation and offers counter-attack maneuvers to get librarians on the business radar screen.
Page 60
Visibility: Decloaking "the Invisible Librarian"
Unfortunately, the business arena isn't the only place where librarians can get overlooked. Kathy Dempsey offers some simple but effective strategies for making sure librarians get the notice not to mention the respect and credit they deserve in the work place.
Page 76
The First Annual Top Librarian Personalities on the Web
Blake Carver profiles 12 people who have made exemplary and innovative contributions to the library profession.
Page 83
The Graying of the Library Profession [Full Text]
Librarians may be getting better, but they're also getting older! Rebecca Lenzini surveys the profession's library associations to get their responses and reactions to the increasing depletion of the librarian ranks.
Page 88
A Resume That Works
One of the worst parts of looking for a new job is the unappealing task of whipping your resume into shape. Susan Ireland, an expert on designing top-notch resumes, looks at three different job seekers and how each one successfully crafted a resume to best suit her background and career aspirations.
Page 98
Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
bq gets into the spirit of the issue and presents her top five rules of the searcher's life path.
Page 6
Leading Libraries
Doris Helfer goes "Back to the Future" and looks at how reference, cataloging, and collection development trends have changed in the past 25 years and how the roles of the librarian have evolved with the evolution of technology.
Page 38
Web Wise Ways
Jill Ann Hurst outlines how info pros can stay on top of their game through a variety of available resources: books, conferences, discussion lists, Web sites, and continuingeducation programs and workshops.
Page 72
The Sidebar
Carol Ebbinghouse offers a timely reminder that continuing education isn't just a nice, well, sidebar, to normal job-related activities, but can help to ensure that your job doesn't outgrow you.
Page 110
New "Emmerce" columnist Tara Calishain examines Internet resources, including Hoover's and DialogPRO, for solo researchers to see how much bang you can get for your hard-earned buck.
Page 116
Find the postal and electronic addresses, phone and fax numbers for all the companies, products, and people mentioned in this issue.
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