Searcher  Volume 8, Number 7 
July/August 2000


Privacy Perspectives for Online Searchers [Full Text]
Josh Duberman and Michael Beaudet present an exhaustive study of the issue of online privacy, focusing on the elements such as security, e-mail, surfing, personalization, and traditional search services from a searcher’s point of view. Sidebars help to define “tech talk” and the role of the government in creating privacy laws and regulations. [Page 32]

New Web Site Content Options from New Content Aggregators [Full Text]
Susan Funke looks at the changes Web content aggregators are bringing to the Web and the resulting demand being created for business-to-business e-content. Three such providers are specifically highlighted:, ScreamingMedia, and [Page 49]

Internet Librarian International: A Conference with All the Right Elements [Abstract]
Doris Helfer reviews numerous industry professionals, including Richard Rowe, Mary Ellen Bates, Lynn Connaway, and Peter Scott, who spoke on a variety of topics, from e-books and Web instruction to searching trends and e-commerce. [Page 68]
Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
bq falters on the millennial road to “Wisdom” by taking a detour courtesy digital TV and 240 channels only to discover that sometimes “More Is Less.” [Page 6]

Webmastery [Abstract]
Chris Sherman, the man behind About.Com, the Web searching site, and its complementary consulting business, Searchwise, gives his perspectives of what Web users need. [Page 12]

Web Wise Ways [Full Text]
In this month’s column, Amelia Kassel offers a Web monitoring and clipping services round-up to help searchers find the best choices for the least amount of money and aggravation. [Page 26]

Virtual Academy [Abstract]
If you need government data, be it demographic, industry statistics, economic indicators, international comparisons, or forecasts and predictions, Amy Kautzman tells you where to go on the Web. [Page 53]

The Sidebar [Abstract]
As part of the “Dangerous Data Ahead” series, Carol Ebbinghouse tells searchers how to avoid charity fraud and minsinformation when dealing with non-profits on the Web. [Page 58]

Internet Express [Abstract]
Irene “Don’t Call Me a Teacher” McDermott offers reference librarians some pointers on how to spread the Web to users through Internet instruction. [Page 72]


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