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When Image Is Everything:
Finding and Using Graphics from the Web [Full Text]
Want to know where to go for images, how to find and download them, and the copyright issues involved? Then focus in on this descriptive article by Nick Tomaiuolo and you'll get the picture!
Page 10
The Scholars' Rebellion Against Scholarly Publishing Practices [Full Text]
Grab your light sabre and join Myer Kutz as he ventures into the battle that has cast scholars against publishers, looking at the "Dark Side" of each argument and predicting who "The Force" will be with in the coming months.
Page 28
The Perfect Storm: Seybold San Francisco 2001 Conference Report [Full Text]
Linnea Christiani looks at how well the publishing, design, and media technology communities converged into one conference at Seybold 2001.
Page 44
Keep Me Posted...But Not Too Much: Challenges and Opportunities for STM Current-Awareness Providers
Ulla de Stricker strives for a happy medium between current awareness overload and keeping on top of the information you and your clients need to know in the sci-tech fields.
Page 52
My Rules of Information [Full Text]
Marylaine Block shares her seven "codified" rules for information professionals to live by.
Page 61
The Web as Safety Net: Weather-Related Catastrophes and Other Natural Disasters
Natural disasters, which run the gamut from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and tsunamis to fires, earthquakes, avalanches, and volcanoes, can strike at any time and at any place. Barbie Keiser shows that thanks to the range of sources on the Web, help may only be a mouse-click away.
Page 68
Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
As 2002 begins, bq challenges all searchers that it's "Now or Never" because the time has come to make Web lemons into lemonade or suffer the consequences, which aren't too appealing.
Page 6
Internet Express [Full Text]
When all hell broke loose on September 11, the Internet held its own, not only providing up-to-the-minute news and information, but helping people connect to each other when the phone systems were overloaded or shut down. In this month's column, Irene McDermott reviews the kinds of information related to September 11th that can be accessed via the Web.
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Best Buys
Before you make that hardware, software, or Internet service purchase, check out Best Buys.
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A suggestion for MEDLINE certification.
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