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End of an Era: Online World 2000
Sheri Lanza reviews the last of the Online World conferences, which began in the 1970s, picking out the presentation highlights (Gary Price and Chris Sherman) and the hot topics of interest (the invisible Web, value-added solutions, business research and monitoring).
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Internet Users at Risk: The Identity/Privacy Target Zone

Steve Arnold examines the tenuous-at-best state of Internet security, looking at such areas as online shopping and data mining. He also tackles the myriad of security terms and options, such as Pay Pal, and looks at how new crime tactics are merging with the more familiar scams, offering his version of a digital bulletproof vest.
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Intelligent Conferences: Reality or Oxymoron? [Full Text]

Stephen Abram and Rebecca Jones test the stability of the five pillars of any successful meeting the speakers, the attendees, the exhibitors, special events, and location as each becomes increasingly impacted by technology.
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Business-to-Government E-Commerce Procurement: Business Models, E-Malls, and Special Groups

In her second article in the series, Laura Gordon-Murnane focuses on how the federal government is applying e-commerce principles to its procurement process, making procurement opportunities easier in particular for small and minority-run businesses.
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Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
An Information Today Newsbreak penned by bq, "OCLC Sets New Strategy: Earth's Largest Library in Sight?," announces a project first envisioned in the March 1999 Searcher article "Earth's Largest Library," written by Steve Coffman.
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Interview: Clare Hart
Factiva's CEO Clare Hart reports on the continuing integration of Reuters and Dow Jones Interactive and the new ventures and products in development within the company.
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Sidebar [Full Text]
Now that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the appeal New York Times v. Tasini, Carol Ebbinghouse presents all sides of this thorny copyright issue, explaining how publishers, data aggregators, searchers, and freelancers might all be affected positively or negatively depending on the ruling handed down.
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Internet Express
Irene McDermott gives fellow librarians guidelines to follow to successfully offer patrons free e-mail, along with tips for avoiding the problems that might arise with this popular service.
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The Better Mousetrap [Full Text]
Let the "hunting" begin! Nancy Lambert targets a new Web site, BountyQuest, which pays a "finder's fee" of sorts to researchers or any other source who can present prior art to invalidate pending or existing patents.
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