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Business to Government E-Commerce Procurement: Doing Business with the Military Web-Style
In this offering of her continuing series on B2G e-commerce,Laura Gordan-Murnane calls the DoD to task for the less than user-friendly home pages and links of its various agencies and departments that largely do not aid the procurement process.
Page 22
Contentious Patents: Issues and Search Techniques with High-Tech, High-Concept Patenting
Michael Tibble and D. R. Beasley present an extensive look at inventions focusing on computer software, Internet technologies and e-commerce, and business processes and how the issue of what constitutes prior art within intellectual property may affect the future of patents, copyright, and technological advances.
Page 28
The Government Agency Directories Gamble: Free or Worth the Money?
Can you get all the government directory information you need via free Internet sources, or are fee-based subscription services your best bet? Barbie Keiser tells the pros and cons of each as well as what both types of sources are missing.
Page 47
ICANN and the New "Magnificent Seven" [Full Text]
Wallace Koehler introduces the latest generic top-level domains (gTLDs) selected by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), explaining what these gTLDs are, what they mean, why they're needed, their implications, and what might be ahead in the ICANN arena.
Page 56
Pharmaceutical Decisions and the Net: More Healthcare Resources on the Internet [Full Text]
As more and more health-related sites are popping up on the 'Net, Eva Perkins arms searchers with information about useful Web sites, paying special attention to sites providing patients with online pharmaceutical options, including MEDLINEplus,, and PlanetRx.
Page 59
Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
bq takes exception to the fact that no one within the library field saw fit to suggest to ICANN "Dot-Lib" as one of the possible gTLDs additions.
Page 6
Better Mousetrap
In her yearly "That Was the Year That Was" review, Nancy Lambert looks at Y2K patent developments from companies such as Questel-Orbit, STN International, Derwent, and Delphion.
Page 10
Leading Libraries
To combat the dramatic drops ºacademic libraries have been experiencing in reference statistics, Doris Helfer checks out the topic of "Virtual Reference in Libraries," looking at how both libraries and vendors would approach a 24/7 virtual reference desk.
Page 67
Internet Express
For all of you Web page creator wannabes who are afraid to tackle HTML, Irene McDermott provides you with the help you need to get those pages up and running without a lot of hassle, headaches, or even HTML.
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