Searcher  Volume 8, Number 2
February 2000


SIGIR ’99: Tomorrow’s Tools Today [Abstract]
Sue Feldman ventures into the conference world of the Association for Computing Machinery to get a foretaste of the information retrieval tools that are simmering on the front burner. [Page 12]

Millennial Online Information [Abstract]
Marydee Ojala flies across the Atlantic for her yearly trek to the Learned Information show, checking out what’s new and newsworthy from exhibitors such as Chadwyck-Healey, Bowker-Saur, Helecon, and Free Pint.  [Page 29]

Campaign 2000: Public Policy, Party, and Candidate Sites [Full Text]
Laura Gordon-Murnane tells you where to get all the information — the hype, the facts, the personal tidbits — you’ll want to know before you pull that lever in November. [Page 36]

Architecture Online: A Search Engine Review [Full Text]
Mary Colette Wallace reviews a new design tool available in the form of a free search engine from Germany’s Brandenburg University of Technology. [Page 48]

Interim Serials Management Strategies from the Real Virtual World [Full Text]
Davida Scharf shares how a medical research library with 250,000 volumes and 3,000 serials titles set out to make full-text articles available via user-friendly database searching. [Page 59]

Around the World in 80 Sites: International Business Research [Abstract]
Sheri Lanza closes out this seven-part series by highlighting the very large expanse of Asia and the Pacific, a region that includes Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Japan, and Australia. [Page 65]


Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
bq challenges one and all to make each day of 2000 an attempt to move beyond all distractions, good and bad, to get closer to the ultimate goal of Wisdom. [Page 6]

Webmastery [Abstract]
Gary Price selects Grace York, coordinator of the University of Michigan Libraries’ Government Document Center and champion of Internet resources for academia, as his first official “interviewee.” [Page 20]

Canada and Beyond [Abstract]
After attending conference sessions amidst the smoke-filled Olympia facility, Ulla de Stricker provides her reactions to Online Information ’99 and offers up a modest proposal for improving future professional interaction. [Page 27]

Internet Express [Abstract]
Irene McDermott happily reports that the big news of Internet Librarian ’99 in San Diego was wetware — human brains are back in the thick of Web technology and Internet services. [Page 53]

The Better Mousetrap [Full Text]
Nancy Lambert bids an affectionate farewell to Orbit by summarizing its interesting history, including its merger with Questel, while looking ahead to the enhanced Questel-Orbit search software. [Page 73]



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