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Books in the Web Library
Want to expand your literary collection? Nick Tomaiuolo shows you where (and how) to find the best selections of electronic books.
Page 28
Mapping the Information Landscape [Full Text]
Do you have mental maps? Marylaine Block tells you why such tools are important, using her maps as a guide to help you design or expand yours.
Page 44
Working Virtually
Tired of the commute, long hours in a closed-in office cubby hole, and generic coffee? Maybe it's time to start working at home. Marsha Fulton's article outlines what employees and employers need to consider before taking the work-at-home plunge.
Page 50
Thinking About Reference Linking [Full Text]
Is seamless linking to full-text articles from abstracted and indexed bibliographic information or article reference lists just wishful thinking? Jill Grogg explores ways to avoid the technical glitches and organizational concerns associated with reference linking.
Page 56
Searcher's Voice [Full Text]
How does a telephone survey connect to online searching? Read bq's column and it will all be crystal clear and that's no lie!
Page 6
Web Wise Ways
Amelia Kassel offers succinct advice on how to locate hard-to-find public company data.
Page 8
Internet Express
If you have school-aged kids, they have homework. Find out what Web sites can help when it's not your area of expertise.
Page 10
Tools of the Trade
Want to get rid of cookies, spyware, pop-ups, and spam? Dave Rensberger offers a bevy of software solutions to expunge unwanted e-mail and privacy invasions.
Page 20
The Sidebar [Full Text]
While once the enemy of librarians, Carol Ebbinghouse reports that library outsourcing is getting a better reputation these days.
Page 63
Leading Libraries
Doris Helfer profiles the Baker Library at the Harvard Business School and how it has taken the lead in academic librarian entrepreneurship.
Page 70
Gary Price interviews Peter Scott, a long-time information professional who is often on the cutting edge of technology.
Page 73
Find the postal and electronic addresses, phone and fax numbers for all the companies, products, and people mentioned in this issue.
Page 78
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