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VOLUME 26 NUMBER 5 September/October 2002
Cover Image Selectedarticles and news are published on this ONLINE Web site. The complete table of contents for this issue is provided here, with links to information available on this site.  Please contact Information Today, Inc., 800/300-9868,, for the full text of other articles of interest ($$). Copyright © 2002, Information Today, Inc. All rights reserved.
A New Era of Search Engines: Not Just Web Pages Anymore
Ran Hock
Page 20
Web Search Engines: Search Syntax and Features
Marydee Ojala
Page 28
Surf3D: Search Engine, Screensaver, Software, Smart Agent
Ernest Perez
Page 33
Social Sciences E-Prints Come of Age: 
The California Digital Library's Working Paper Repository
Terence K. Huwe
Page 38 Comprehensively Covering Computer Science
Susan Fingerman
Page 44
One Click to Criminal Justice
Patricia Fravel Vander Meer
Page 48
Pricing Models and Payment Schemes for Library Collections
David Stern
Page 54
Knowledge Management: Changing Cultures, Changing Attitudes
Robin Neidorf
Page 60
Conducting User Surveys: An Ongoing Information Imperative
George R. Plosker
Page 64
On the Net
The Blog Realm: News Sources, Searching with Daypop, and Content Management
Greg R. Notess
Page 70
The Dollar Sign
Mining the Deep Web for Company Information
Marydee Ojala
Page 73
Industry Insights
Taxonomies: Hope or Hype?
Mary Corcoran, Guest Columnist
Page 76
Intranet Librarian
Checklists Lay the Foundation for Web Site Quality
Darlene Fichter
Page 79
Web Site Management
Online Toolkits for Web Development Activities
Kim Guenther
Page 82
O'Leary Online
"Major Life Moments" and the Web
Mick O'Leary
Page 86
Industry Insights
Customizing Your Intranet: Developing Applications for Specific Audiences
Darlene Fichter
Page 86
Péter's Picks & Pans
LJ Digital, McGraw Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, Bloomsbury Center
Péter Jacsó
Page 88
Recommended Reading on Super Searchers, Free Software, and Web Design
Deborah Lynne Wiley
Page 92
Online Spotlight
ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times
Mary Ellen Bates
Page 96
The HomePage
Deep Thinking Eludes Deep Linking Detractors
Marydee Ojala
Page 5
Letters to the Editor
A column by the readers
Page 6
Industry News Page 9
Internet Search Engine Update
New Search Features, Developments, and Content
Greg R. Notess
Page 18
Index to Advertisers Page 79

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