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VOLUME 26 NUMBER 4 July/August 2002
Cover Image Selectedarticles and news are published on this ONLINE Web site. The complete table of contents for this issue is provided here, with links to information available on this site.  Please contact Information Today, Inc., 800/300-9868,, for the full text of other articles of interest ($$). Copyright © 2002, Information Today, Inc. All rights reserved.
The Semantic Web: Differentiating BetweenTaxonomies and Ontologies
Katherine Adams
Page 20
Monitoring the News Online
Tara Calishain
Page 24
Plug-Ins for Critical Media Literacy: A Collaborative Program
Ashley Robinson and Elizabeth Nelson
Page 29
Boolean Operators and the Naïve End-User: Moving to AND
Edward Proctor
Page 34
Distant Points of View: International News Sites in English
Roberta Brody
Page 38
Electronic Books: Reports of Their Death Have Been Exaggerated
Donald T. Hawkins
Page 42
Triumphing Over Paperwork Hassles: Taming the Paper Tiger
Ernest Perez
Page 50
On the Net
Free Full Text: FindArticles and MagPortal
Greg R. Notess
Page 54
The Dollar Sign
Adding External Knowledge to Business Web Sites
Marydee Ojala
Page 57
Industry Insights
Busting the Myth of the Global User
Leslie Jacobs and Mary Corcoran
Page 60
Web Site Management
Web Site Content: Build or Buy?
Kim Guenther
Page 63
O'Leary Online
Hoover's Reshapes as Major Business Portal
Mick O'Leary
Page 66
Industry Insights
Customizing Your Intranet: Developing Applications for Specific Audiences
Darlene Fichter
Page 69
Péter's Picks & Pans
Xrefer; Yahoo! Research Documents Collection; Prestige Factor
Péter Jacsó
Page 72
Recommended Reading for Online Professionals
Deborah Lynne Wiley
Page 76
Online Spotlight
Mary Ellen Bates
Page 80
The HomePage
Information Professionals as Technologists
Marydee Ojala
Page 5
Industry News Page 6
Internet Search Engine Update
New Search Features, Developments, and Content
Greg R. Notess
Page 18
Index to Advertisers Page 79

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