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September 2000
Volume 24, Number 5


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Information at Your Fingertips: Porting Library Services to the PDA
  Ken Varnum

Electronic Books: A Major Publishing Revolution Part 2: The Marketplace
  Donald T. Hawkins

XML and the Resource Description Framework: The Great Web Hope
  Norm Medeiros

Fulfilling the Vision of the Virtual Library: The Cutting-Edge WebLibrary at Compaq Computer Corporation
  Thomas Pack

Six Degrees of Affiliation: The Small World of Search Tools
  Maryellen Mott Allen

Weaving an Untangled Web: Macromedia's Dreamweaver 3
  Jim Rible


The Homepage - When is a Billion Too Much?
  Bill Mickey

Industry News

Internet Search Engine Update - New Search Features, Developments, and Content
  Greg Notess


On the Net - Searching Beyond Text: Issues with Multimedia Searching
  Greg R. Notess

The Dollar Sign - Listening in on Conference Calls
  Marydee Ojala

Web Site Management - Evidence-Based Web Redesigns
  Kim Guenther

Industry Insights - The End-User Speaks: Commercial Desktop Services and the Open Web
  Anthea Stratigos & Guest Columnist David Curle

O'Leary Online - Mobile Web: The New "Dial-Up"
  Mick O'Leary

Intranet Librarian - And...Action! Multimedia on the Intranet
  Darlene Fichter

Conflicted Copy Rights - Avoiding Copyright Infringement: How to Conduct a Copyright Audit
  Walt Crawford

Hardcopy - Recommended Reading
  Deborah Lynne Wiley

Reva's (W)Rap
  Reva Basch

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