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May 2000
Volume 24, Number 3


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Web Search Section

Web Search Engines: [More] Features and Commands
  Randolph Hock

The Future Revisited: What's New with Web Search
  Chris Sherman

The Never-Ending Quest: Search Engine Relevance
  Greg R. Notess

Organizing the World's Information: Google Raises the Bar on Search Technology
  Jeff Pemberton

Meaning-Based Search Tools: Find What I Mean, Not What I Say
  Susan Feldman

Avoid the Void: Quick and Easy Site Submission Strategies
  Danny Sullivan

The Internet's Hidden Content and How to Find It
  Bonnie Snow

Specialized Search Engines: Alternatives to the Big Guys
  David King


The HomePage - And You, Sir, Are No Simple Searcher
  Bill Mickey

Industry News


Internet Search Engine Update - New Search Features, Developments, and Content
  Greg Notess

On the Net - Up and Coming Search Technologies
  Greg R. Notess

The Dollar Sign - The Business of Domain Names
  Marydee Ojala

Industry Insights - Chargebacks: Solution or Setback?
  Anthea Stratigos & Dick Curtis

Conflicted Copy Rights - Electronic Articles: A Battle for Control and Ownership of Content
  Stephanie C. Ardito

Intranet Librarian - Delivering the Goods: Intranet Databases for Small and Large Projects
  Darlene Fichter

O'Leary Online - Dialog's New Tools for Web-Age Knowledge Workers
  Mick O'Leary

Hardcopy - Recommended Reading on Virtual Libraries
  Deborah Lynne Wiley

Reva's (W)Rap
  Reva Basch

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