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January 2000
Volume 24, Number 1


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NewsCast and NewsEdge: Tapping the News Stream
  Thomas J. Pack

Who Goes There? Measuring Library Web Site Usage
  Kathleen Bauer

Counting Angels on a Pinhead: Critically Interpreting Web Size Estimates
  Michael Dahn

The PEAK Project and Strategies for Remote User Support
  Sarah A. Bidigare and Leena N. Lalwani

Intelligence Gathering: Evaluating Sources for Objective Analysis
  Staff Writer, Intelligence Search Solutions

Reference Resources on the Web
  Chris Sherman

USGOVSEARCH: The Federal Web, NTIS Database, and More
  Greg R. Notess

A Report from 1999 ONLINE WORLD
  Bill Mickey


The HomePage - The Tasini Decision and Database Integrity
  Nancy Garman

Industry News


Internet Search Engine Update - New Search Features, Developments, and Content
  Greg Notess

Industry Insights - Choosing Your Future
  Anthea Stratigos

Conflicted Copy Rights - One More Barrier to Compliance: Publications Not Registered with the CCC
  Stephanie C. Ardito

On the Net - On the Net in 2000
  Greg R. Notess

O'Leary Online - GetNetWise Helps Fight Internet Dangers
  Mick O'Leary

The Dollar $ign - Signs of Time
  Marydee Ojala

Intranet Librarian - Head Start: Usability Testing Up Front
  Darlene Fichter

TechnoMonitor - Info-Fashions for the New Millennium
  Diane Mizrachi, Guest Columnist

Hardcopy - Recommended Reading
  Deborah Lynne Wiley

Reva's (W)Rap
  Reva Basch

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