Vol. 7, No. 2 • March/April 2000
Travel the World with Timmy Deluxe
by Michele Sands

Presents a very favorable review of Travel the World with Timmy Deluxe ($160) from Edmark Corp. of Redmond, WA (800). Describes it as a language and culture program for early childhood development, learning, and play. Requires a minimum of a 486/66MHz Pentium for Windows, or a Macintosh System 7.0.1, 68040 or PowerPC; both systems require at least 8MB RAM, a 2X CD-ROM drive, and a 256-color monitor. Offers rich resources for grades preK-2 (with some applications for older children) about the history, environment, and culture of five countries - Argentina, France, Japan, Kenya, and Russia. Relates that the program's combination of audio, visual, and kinetic approaches to language learning and cultural appreciation would be a valuable addition to any early learning social studies classroom - or home. Rated five on a scale of one to five. Includes one scorecard and one screen display.
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