Intranet Professionalís Intranet Resources

Cybertour by Mary Lee Kennedy

Starting Points
Intranet Professional: Managing Knowledge Ecosystems. Information Today, Inc.
Features regular "Keeping Up" column of useful sites, case studies, articles by experts and practitioners in planning, designing, implementing or managing intranet solutions and knowledge management practices
Traffick: The Portal Portal
Covers trends and industry news regarding portals, web search engines and navigation. Check out their Traffick Guides. Keep current by subscribing to Traffick Monthly, a news feed on portals, vortals etc.
Intranet Journal
The site covers security (a major issue for a lot of organizations), best practices, knowledge management and FAQs. It provides an interactive environment with a discussion board, as well as updates on books, news, case studies, and a valuable glossary.
The Complete Intranet Resource
A portal on intranets with a plethora of information available on just about any topic related to intranets. Highlights include the "Top 10 Pages" and an "Intranet Directory" of products and software.
CIO Magazine online
Excellent source for articles, case studies, measurement information and resource tips. Includes a section on "Ask the Expert".

Design Tips and Guidelines
Web Page Design for Designers
Includes feature articles, as well as top tips, links to other web design sites, and a monthly email subscription to keep current on design news. A Web Development Tutorial and Information Site
Focused on the technology and graphic design of sites including featured articles, script tutorials, programming language tutorials, and sections for target audiences like developers, and webmasters.
Human Factors Systems Information Resources
Provides links to human factors (usability, ergonomics etc.) organizations, publications, events and links appropriate when designing for specific audiences like education, government, for-profit. Highly recommend you check out the link to the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.
CIO Magazine online
A resource center focused on the broader issues of human behavior on the web. Covers privacy and ethics considerations, web-human interaction, accessibility, and engages key contributors such as Jakob Nielsen, Vincent Flanders and Rosabeth Moss Kanter.

Editorial Tips and Practices
This web writing resource is part of Jakob Nielsenís website. As an expert in user experience, Nielsen covers book summaries, style guides, and links to other web-based writing sites.
CIO Magazine online
Yet another great resource on style guides for web writers.
This site is part of Internet.comís website. It is a straightforward source on quick and easy tips for non-writers who are writing to the web.
Quick picks on how to write well and how to write for the web. Includes links to several web sites on writing and tips for ensuring your communication is clearly understood.

Information Architecture, Search, and Content Management Primers
Internet.comís Search Engine Watch
It remains the standard for keeping up to date on search technologies. It covers web searching tips, reviews, ratings and tests, links to search engine resources, and the opportunity to sign up to receive free newsletters.
Argus Center for Information Architecture
Peter Moreville and Louis Rosenfeld are renowned for their work in information architecture. The online resource provides access to events, white papers, experts, and bibliographies.
The Content Management Network, a division of the IPQC
The site provides white papers, a forum for discussion between web content managers, access to information on IPQC conferences, and subscriptions to newsletters to stay current on content management practices.
EContent Magazine online
A great resource for news, articles, whitepapers and information on the content management marketplace. Check out the sidebar with a host of research centers on related topics including: digital assets/rights management, content security, content creation, and more.

Branding and Marketing
Wilson Internet Web Marketing Info Center
While focused on the internet there are learningís here and pointers to marketing information sources. Check out the right-hand sidebar links to web marketing guides, quick tips, and best practices. Marketing Virtual Library
Covers advertising and promotions, electronic marketing, customer relationship management, research techniques, shortcuts to writing marketing plans, and book, news, and journal publications.
Marketing Library Services: A "How-To" Marketing Tool Written Specifically for Librarians! Information Today, Inc.
At least one story in each issue is available full-text. The most recent issue March/Aprilís covers customer-based marketing. An excellent resource for staying in touch with best-practices for the information professional.