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InfoToday 2002: The Global Conference and Exhibition on Electronic Information & Knowledge Management 
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InfoToday 2002 is designed to be the conference and exhibition for the electronic information and knowledge management communities.  This unparalleled event features three simultaneous conferences: National Online, KnowledgeNets, and E-Libraries.  Each of these events is a unique, community-oriented conference, but combined, the conferences are also meant to highlight and leverage the common interests of all those involved in these three fields. By taking advantage of a Gold Pass you can explore all of the sessions available in each conference, or with a Platinum Pass you can do the same with the added bonus of attending pre- and post-conference workshops.

We have provided the following overview of each of the conferences but we highly recommend looking through the full program, which will appear on this site soon.  With over 100 sessions and workshops spread out over 5 days, there is a lot to choose from. Please click here for pricing options and registration information. 

National Online 2002National Online continues its focus on information content as well as on information delivery technologies. It brings together a stimulating blend of information industry innovators and practitioners from around the world. National Online is the largest conference on electronic information in North America. 

The National Online conference is the place where industry trends are revealed and new products and services are unveiled. With the constant evolution of the information industry, this conference provides the ideal platform for information users and producers to come together to share ideas. 

The National Online 2002 conference hosts two concurrent tracks throughout the three conference days, allowing attendees the opportunity to pick and choose the sessions that best fit their interests and educational needs. 

Topics Covered Include: 
Digital Information Resources  Electronic Information Services 
Content Management  Competitive Intelligence 
Searching & Search Engines  User Interfaces 
Business Information  NFAIS Issues Forum: Copyright 

Featured Speakers 
  • Anthea Stratigos, President, Outsell Consultants, on “War & Recession—What’s the Information Industry to Do?” 

  • Jonathan Tasini leads a panel discussion on “Author’s Rights & the Future of Digital Full Texts” 

  • Gary Price and Chris Sherman, authors of The Invisible Web, present a brand-new, interactive session on “Searching the Secret Web” 

  • Jerry Miller leads a panel of experts on “Heightened Security and the Impact on Intelligence-Gathering” 

  • Ran Hock discusses “Things You Just Have to Know About Search Engines” 

KnowledgeNets 2002KnowledgeNets 2002 provides complete coverage of knowledge management and its applications within today’s organization. The conference includes practical programs and case studies on the theories, practices, processes, tools, and solutions for enterprise knowledge networks. 

KnowledgeNets 2002 includes two concurrent tracks over the 3-day conference. If your job is to plan, manage, or deploy KM strategies or systems, corporate intranets and portals, or e-learning initiatives, this event is for you. 

Topics Covered Include: 
Knowledge Communities  System Architecture, 
Intellectual Asset Management Taxonomies and XML 
Content Management  Collaborative Workspaces 
Intranets  Intellectual Capital 

Featured Speakers 
  • Melissie Rumizen, Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Knowledge Management, “What is KM? Why Should You Care?” 

  • Nick Bontis, Director, Institute for Intellectual Capital Research, on “Intellectual Capital as a National Asset” 

  • Stephen Arnold on “Managing Content: Trends & Tools” 

  • Experienced practitioners from Schlumberger, Booz-Allen Hamilton, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and more discuss KM experiences. 

E-Libraries 2002E-Libraries covers the latest developments in library and information center systems and services. This conference focuses specifically on the distribution and management of information through libraries and information centers and also via digital means. 

During this 3-day event, in two concurrent tracks, E-Libraries will address the technology and patron service issues that arise in a rapidly changing library world. With new software and systems being added (and subtracted) every day, E-Libraries provides an important forum for discussing today’s technological state of the art for delivery of library services as well as digital collections management. 

Topics Covered Include: 
Virtual Libraries & Web Portals  Digital Collections Management 
E-Reference Services  Electronic Serial Collections 
Filtering & Accessibility  NFAIS Issues Forum: Licensing 

Featured Speakers 
  • Clifford Lynch, Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information, presents “Digital Libraries—Where Are We After All These Years?” 

  • Declan Butler hosts “The Debate on Scholarly Publishing” 

  • Donna Scheeder from the Library of Congress speaks on “New Security Issues for Libraries: Impacts of 9/11” 

  • Marshall Breeding presents “Tutorials on Web Portals and Library Systems” 

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You Gotta Be There! 
Dick Kaser, 
Vice President, Content 
Information Today, Inc. 

The transformation of our annual May event in New York has been a work in progress. Last year we augmented our long-running National Online Meeting with programming on the related field of Knowledge Management. This year, with the help of the best conference planners I know, we’ve revamped the entire program. It’s got to be the most comprehensive event the information industry has ever seen. 

As the theme implies, everything is converging. 

I encourage you to buy a Gold Pass to the whole event so you can sample all six concurrent tracks and any of the featured presentations at KnowledgeNets, National Online, and E-Libraries, expanded this year to include D-Libraries. 

I wanna see you in New York. 

Executive Summary

Ask Yourself?

• Has the word “knowledge management” crept into your job description?
Come hear how the top advisors to Fortune 500 companies would have you apply their tested content management and information-sharing concepts in your operation, agency, or even library.

• Are you baffled by the dizzying array of options in digital information services? Portals? Search engines? Collections?
What better way to choose among the vendor solutions than to visit their booths in our exhibit halls? Or take a test drive with one of our independent professional cyber-presenters?

• Do you want to be a better searcher?
Our experts not only wrote the books on “Super Searching” techniques, but many will be there to share up-to-the-minute tips with you.

• Do you care about authors’ rights? Publishers’ rights? Users’ rights? And what about those filtering requirements? Do you worry about privacy? Or is it more about security these days?
We have scheduled special programming to help you cope with the reality of our ever-changing world.

• Did you miss the fall shows due to travel restrictions?
We’ve selected key presenters from the information and knowledge management industries to give new talks, workshops, and interactive sessions in New York. You’ll hear the best of the best in this selective sampling of speakers and topics.

• Do you want to help improve your company’s ROI? (and maybe even protect your job in the process?)
The best way to stay on top is to be on top … of the latest technology and techniques. And that’s what you’ll find here.  We’ve been offering this successful conference for almost 25 years — now in a new format and with a new focus on the diverse, converging, transforming, mutating, and evolving over-spilling cup of today’s information.

With our Platinum Pass you can attend up to four pre- or post-conference workshop sessions, including a reprisal of our recently sold-out Searcher’s Academy.

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