KnowledgeNets 2001 InfoToday 2001: The Global Conference and Exhibition on Electronic Information & Knowledge Management
KnowledgeNets 2001: Conference Overview

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KnowledgeNets 2001 (one of the three conferences comprising InfoToday 2001) provides complete coverage of knowledge management and its applications within today’s organization. The conference includes practical programs and case studies on the theories, practices, processes, tools, and solutions for enterprise knowledge networks.

KnowledgeNets 2001 includes two concurrent tracks over the 3-day conference. 

Some of the many topics covered include:

  • KM tools on the market today, how they are being deployed, and the types of technological solutions we can expect in the near future
  • KM processes and models and how to embed them into an organization’s business processes
  • What KM strategies are most effective and how to implement them
  • KM cases and lessons learned
  • And more
Program Chair: Jane Dysart, Dysart & Jones Associates

Who should attend?
If your job is to plan, manage, or deploy KM strategies or systems, corporate intranets and portals, or e-learning initiatives, this event is for you. This includes:

  • Chief knowledge officers
  • Knowledge management professionals & champions
  • Information professionals
  • C-level executives (CIO, CEO, etc.)
  • IS/IT professionals
  • Intranet developers & managers
  • Competitive intelligence professionals
  • Corporate, government, & law librarians
  • E-business strategists and consultants
  • HR professionals
  • Sales & marketing professionals
  • Content managers
Organizing/Reviewing Committee

Stephen Abram
Micromedia, an IHS Company

Stephen Arnold
Arnold Information Technologies

Rebecca Jones
Dysart & Jones Associates

Donna Scheeder
Library of Congress

Seth Earley
Earley & Associates

Highlights and Pricing Information

They’re the leaders of the information and knowledge management communities. They’re the ones we all look to for answers to today’s issues and for a glimpse into the future. Each day, InfoToday 2001 delivers the industry’s most powerful voices. Keynote sessions are open to all conference attendees.

This is North America’s largest gathering of users and producers of electronic information and knowledge-based products and services. This is the one and only place to equip your organization to manage information and knowledge successfully. Special floor areas are dedicated to knowledge management, e-business, and library systems. For a preliminary list of exhibitors and exhibit hours, click here.

Free Receptions
Information Today, Inc. invites all attendees and exhibitors to our complimentary receptions. A wine and cheese reception will be held in the exhibit hall on Tuesday from 5-6 PM, and a cocktail reception for delegates and exhibitors will be held on Wednesday from 7-9 PM.

KnowledgeNets 2001 is sponsored and organized by Information Today, Inc.

We are pleased to have LEXIS-NEXIS as an official corporate sponsor of KnowledgeNets 2001/InfoToday 2001.

Pricing information
For complete pricing information and a list of what each option includes, click here.

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