Information Today
Volume 18, Issue 5 — May 2001
Information Today
Volume 18, Issue 5 — May 2001
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IT Interview
EBSCO Publishing Provides Integrated Serials Solutions[Full Text]
In a recent interview, EBSCO Publishing's general manager Tim Collins discussed his organization's mission, services, and plans for growth.
by Paula J. Hane — Page 1

IT Report from the Field
Internet Librarian International 2001[Full Text]
This conference, sponsored by Information Today, Inc. and held March 26­28 in London, offered attendees important insights from colleagues who spanned a broad geographical and disciplinary range. 
by Helen Jezzard — Page 1

IT Report from the Field
The London Book Fair 2001[Full Text]
by John Bryans  — Page 56

IT Report from the Field
SCIP 2001 Annual Conference
This event encouraged knowledge professionals to hone skills, think outside the box, and embrace change to sustain a competitive edge in the new economy.
by Ana Arias Terry — Page 27

IT Report from the Field
The ASIDIC Spring 2001 Meeting
This conference examined e-tools, digital libraries, and the effects of technology on the information industry.
by Donald T. Hawkins — Page 30

Wolters Kluwer Adds SilverPlatter Information to Its Collection[Full Text]
by Barbara Quint — Page 1

iCopyright to Refocus on Its Core Business Following Its Acquisition by Data Depth[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane — Page 3

Sopheon's Expert Network Now Available Through Northern Light[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane — Page 8

CAS/STN Launches eScience Web Finder[Full Text]
by Barbara Quint — Page 19

BountyQuest Revisited: The Coin Has Two Sides[Full Text]
by Nancy Lambert — Page 20

Tasini Oral Arguments Heard at the Supreme Court[Full Text]
by Barbara Quint — Page 23

Argus Associates, Inc. Closes Shop[Full Text]
by Richard W. Wiggins — Page 25

Hoover's, Financial Times Agree to Share Content[Full Text]
by Paula J. Hane — Page 26

Online Columns & News

Quint’s Online
Changing Standards, Changing Value Judgments
Barbara Quint maintains that standards for judging value and quality must be constantly modified to reflect developments in the digital environment. — Page 10

Database Review
The BUDDIE Goes Multimedia[Full Text]
Mick O'Leary ends the suspense and announces the winner of this year's Best Unknown Database Award. — Page 13

Legal Issues
A Busy Year Ahead for Congress
George H. Pike inaugurates a new legal column with a look at current legislation and congressional committee investigations into Internet and intellectual property issues that could impact both producers and consumers of information. — Page 16

Company Announcements

Internet Today
Internet Insights
Creating Strong Database Synergy
Péter Jacsó proposes the idea of a full-text, multidiscipline mega-database and claims that Cambridge Scientific Abstracts would be an ideal company to implement it. — Page 34

Internet Waves
Finding a Cure for Information Anxiety
Shirley Kennedy offers some ideas about how to deal with the overwhelming amount of information that crosses our desks on a daily basis. — Page 40

Internet Announcements

Internet Publishing Today
Focus on Publishing
Microsoft.NET's Strategic Game Plan
Robin Peek examines Microsoft's newly announced plan for integrating applications, devices, and data into one interconnected Web service. — Page 46

Internet Publishing Review
Tools for Unearthing PDF Files
Péter Jacsó compares Adobe's Search PDF Web site with Google's new PDF search enhancement. — Page 48

Internet Publishing Announcements

Library Systems Today

The Systems Librarian
Offering Remote Access to Restricted Resources
Marshall Breeding discusses the issues associated with providing off-site access to restricted electronic services. — Page 52

Library Systems Announcements
  • Calendar — Page 59
  • Book Review

  • Change Management in Information Services, 
    by Lyndon Pugh, reviewed by Gwen Gregory — Page 61
  • People Line — Page 67
Special Advertising Sections
  • Online Directory of Services & Sources — Page 31
  • Internet Directory of Services & Sources — Page 43
  • Library Systems Directory of Services & Sources — Page 55
  • CD/DVD Directory of Services & Sources — Page 69
  • Index to Advertisers
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