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Volume 18, Issue 1 — January 2001
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Primedia’s IndustryClick Introduces TelecomClick

IndustryClick, a subsidiary of Primedia, has announced the launch of TelecomClick, a business-to-business (B2B) online source of vital intelligence for professionals in the telecommunications (telecom) industry. 

The comprehensive, real-time site includes features such as news, discussions, market intelligence, vendor and product information, event calendars, Webcasts, career advice, auction and exchange access, and training. It covers all sectors of the telecom industry, including broadband, IP telephony, ICPs, wireless, satellite, Internet, cable, and network support.

With more than 1 million telecom professionals and a market size of $500 billion in the U.S. alone, telecommunications is one of the largest and fastest developing industries in the world economy, according to the announcement. TelecomClick allows professionals to stay current in their field by providing a one-stop industry resource.

“ is the only comprehensive, objective Web site dedicated exclusively to the telecom industry—the single destination for anything telecom,” said IndustryClick president and CEO Tim Andrews. “Telecom professionals today are extremely tech-savvy and hungry for information, insight, and peer interaction. TelecomClick satisfies their appetite.”

In addition to content from 250 publications and newsletters, TelecomClick offers original content on more than 400 telecom topics, written by its expert editorial staff. The site also includes market research, product information, event calendars, and more. TelecomClick ensures objectivity by pulling search results frover 250 publications, additional news wires, and other telecom sites. 

TelecomClick also offers community interaction features. For example, users can communicate through bulletin boards and participate in discussion sessions with informed, insightful moderators. Telecom professionals can even “attend” live events such as Webcasts and interactive trade shows. In addition, TelecomClick’s career area will match telecom professionals with telecom jobs and recruiters, as well as provide career advice and networking opportunities. 

TelecomClick’s search engine pulls results from across the whole site—producing hits on everything from product information to original articles—then filters and categorizes them. TelecomClick also accesses third-party auctions and links to third-party exchanges. Soon to be released are personalization features, including the ability to create a custom home page and to select “ingredients” for a newsletter tailored to individual user needs. 

Andrews said that TelecomClick will also leverage Primedia’s extensive resources, such as editorial content from Primedia publications like Telephone, Telecom Business, Wireless Review, Utility Business, and Cable World. Advertisers will also benefit from the unique, extended advertising opportunities offered by Primedia’s team of over 400 B2B salespeople. 

“By delivering superior telecom content, a dynamic telecom community, and powerful functionality to millions of professionals throughout the world, Telecom-Click is positioned to dominate the telecom online marketplace,” said Andrews. 

Source: IndustryClick, Princeton, NJ, 609/571-4600;

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