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Volume17, Number 2 • February 2000
Microtech’s ImageAutomator 105 CD-R System Now Upgradable to 12 Drives

Microtech Systems has announced that its ImageAutomator 105 CD-R production system, previously available with three write drives only, is now offered with a full upgrade path, accepting as many as 12 8x Plextor drives. The entry-level duplicator copies and labels CDs automatically, takes job orders from anywhere on an in-house network, and is configured with a stand-alone PC computer.

Model 105 may be ordered with any number of drives from one to 12, and more (up to 12) can be added at any time with simple plug-and-play installation. The easy expandability of the system allows users to purchase according to current needs plus keep pace with new demands by adding a drive or two at a time, rather than a whole new system.

The ImageAutomator 105 handles pre-mastering, replicating, verifying, and in-line printing simultaneously. Both single jobs and up to four multiple orders can be run without operator attendance. The system comes standard with CD Remote software for networked job ordering. Options include ImageAligner, for precision CD labeling, and MyDisc, a desktop application that allows users from PCs on a corporate network to make discs from files on enterprise servers.

“When a full upgrade path is important, the model 105 offers an alternative to the four-drive model 150 at only a small increment in price,” said Fred Perez, vice president of sales and technical marketing at Microtech Systems. “Both the 105 and 150 deliver a great deal of the same top-of-the-line capability found in our award-winning Model 200, including running under the same powerful operating software.”

ImageAutomator 105 can be particularly cost-efficient for on-demand publishing applications that require production of many unique discs. Make-your-own music CDs or catalogs containing maps, fine art, clip art, type fonts, and stock photography are good examples.

The starting price is $17,795 for a four-drive, four-color thermal printer system, or $19,995 when a full 1-year immediate depot warranty is included. In addition, through a new Microtech lease option, the basic model 105 can be leased for $473 (without warranty) or $521 (with warranty) per month on a 4-year purchase option. The lease can include service options, installation, and training costs. Future upgrades may be leased as well.

Source: Microtech Systems, Belmont, CA, 650/596-1900; Fax: 650/596-1915;

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