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Volume17, Number 2 • February 2000
Concentric Network Corp., Trellix Corp. Partner to Provide a Complete Web Solution

Concentric Network Corp. has announced that it is pairing its fault-tolerant Web hosting platform with Trellix Corp.’s Trellix Web, a PC-based application that allows users to easily create, publish, and enhance their own high-quality, multi-page Web sites. With the addition of Trellix Web, businesses now have an additional option when building their Web presences and hosting with Concentric Network.

This combination of Concentric Web hosting and Trellix Web will be featured on, a new Internet venture that brings high-quality management resources for helping America’s small businesses succeed. leverages Inc. magazine’s brand equity earned through 20 years of experience. According to the announcement, with this premier placement on the site, both companies can better reach and address the needs of today’s small and medium-sized companies by offering one complete solution that allows businesses to quickly and efficiently realize the promise of the Internet.

“We developed Trellix Web with the idea of helping regular people do what only professionals could do in the past,” said Daniel S. Bricklin, founder and chief technology officer of Trellix Corp. “When looking to partner with a hosting provider for one-stop publishing capability, it was key to identify a company with a similar vision. Concentric’s focus on small business, plus their emphasis on reliability and ease of use, made our decision to partner quite simple. Gaining the support of is a further testament to our complementary union.”

“Like Concentric, Trellix is focused on delivering robust, easy-to-use solutions to the small and medium business space,” said Connie DeWitt, vice president of small/medium business (SMB) marketing for Concentric Network. “From the extensive focus groups we have conducted, the overall message is clear—today’s small and mid-sized business owners have increasing time pressures and therefore are highly receptive to tools and bundled solutions that make doing their job easier. Our union also allows us to offer yet another easy-to-use Web site building option for our customers, making it quick and painless for small businesses to start doing business on the Web. In addition,’s decision to endorse the Trellix/Concentric combination, as part of their objective presentation of resources, speaks volumes about our partnership.”

According to the company, Trellix Web enables users to easily create, publish, and enhance their own professional, multi-page Web sites in minutes. Designed with simplicity in mind, the software is as easy to use as a word processor, absolving the need to learn HTML, ftp, or graphic design.

Trellix Web’s features include the Web Wizard, a step-by-step guide that lets users create a customized Web site in minutes; One-Step Publish, which automates the entire publishing process onto the Concentric shared Web-hosting platform; and Web Gems, which make it easy to add features such as maps, animated graphics, merchant affiliate links, and search capabilities. Trellix Web is available for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT. More information can be found at

Once published to the ConcentricHost shared hosting platform, users gain the benefits of a robust platform that is composed of fault-tolerant, load-sharing clusters of UNIX machines designed to pool the resources of the entire cluster. This platform approach reportedly provides the best possible performance and reliability for all customers, even under conditions of very large traffic spikes or hardware failure of individual machines. Concentric’s suite of hosting solutions provides expert customer care, including toll-free 24/7 phone and e-mail technical support.

Source: Concentric Network Corp., San Jose, CA, 877/932-2629;

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