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Volume17, Number 2 • February 2000
FileNET Introduces Panagon Web Publisher 4.0

FileNET Corp. has announced its new Panagon Web Publisher 4.0 software, which provides new XML language and incremental publishing capabilities for enhanced content management support of Web-based information portals. This is one of the first components of an upcoming set of e-content management announcements slated for early this year.

Panagon Web Publisher 4.0 (PWP 4.0) is a template-driven software engine designed to automate the conversion of native application-authored documents into stylish, consistent Web publications. This conversion is guided by user-specified templates and results in fully linked XML and/or HTML Web sites. According to the company, PWP 4.0 eliminates much of the tedious labor involved in creating and maintaining Web sites as translation to XML or HTML is automatic. This leads to increased organizational productivity because content authors aren’t required to learn XML and HTML programming, and Webmasters aren’t required to edit content.

“PWP 4.0 adds compelling new functionality to FileNET’s e-content-management solution,” said Michael W. Harris, FileNET’s vice president of worldwide product marketing. “It allows users to select and order a group of documents as a publication and to develop relationships among those documents. It provides navigation from within and among documents with automatically generated hyperlinks, next page and previous page buttons, indexes, tables of contents, lists of figures, table lists, reference documents, and presentation graphics, which gives the publication a real Web appeal.”

Harris said: “The Panagon solution, along with the publication template approach, provides a favorable return on investment over manual Web publishing methods. The cost to create templates for a typical Web publication is about 10 percent of the cost to hard code the same volume of documents—but the real cost savings with Panagon are realized every time a document is updated because the re-publishing of the new version is handled automatically, without Web staff intervention.”

The PWP 4.0 software provides many new benefits for users, including support for both XML and HTML; “Abstraction” capabilities that provide intelligent document analysis and mapping to determine the relative importance or text ranking; incremental publishing capabilities so documents can be published “on demand” or in response to a specified publishing schedule; enhanced frame set capabilities, which support custom frame sets and “drag-and-drop” of elements into any frame; simpler publication print capabilities, to eliminate the manual “click through” process needed to print multiple Web pages; new support for cascading style sheets, for layout control and more accurate tabbing, borders, and margins; “pass through” support for XML and Adobe PDF files; and support for additional authoring software programs, such as Microsoft Office 99 and Lotus SmartSuite Millennium.

Panagon Web Publisher 4.0 is available now. The suggested retail price for the basic Web Publisher software is $19,500. A base Panagon content management solution, including client/server software serving potentially thousands of users and managing thousands of Web pages, starts at approximately $85,000.

According to the company, Panagon Web Publisher is being actively used by more than 30 major companies to automate and streamline their Web publishing needs and reduce bottlenecks in a critical area of e-commerce.

FileNET customers include Bank of America, UnumProvident Corp., the United States Postal Service, and Tandy Corp., all of which are using the product in support of e-content management.

Source: FileNET Corp., Costa Mesa, CA, 800/FILENET;

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