Volume 17, Number 2 • February 2000
Conducting a successful online search — This guide offers outdated methods and little current information
by Gwen Gregory

Presents an unfavorable review of "Online Retrieval: A Dialogue of Theory and Practice, second edition" ($55) by Geraldene Walker and Joseph Janes, published in 1999 by Libraries Unlimited of Englewood, CO. Says that this 312-page book is concentrated on teaching readers to use the DIALOG system, although the second edition claims to have been expanded to include discussion and examples of newer systems and especially to highlight similarities between systems like DIALOG and search engines available on the Web. However, complains that most chapters merely have a brief section about the Internet tacked on to the end and some parts are quite out of date. Concludes that while it does contain some valuable information, it cannot be recommended. Adds that the heavy emphasis on DIALOG searching will not serve current library students as well as a broader introduction to many search methodologies would. Includes a product source guide.
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