Volume 17, Number 2 • February 2000
The COMDEX/Fall '99 show — Step right up and see all the new technology
by Péter Jacsó

Profiles the November COMDEX/Fall '99 conference in Las Vegas. Notes the circus atmosphere was still there, but this time, the products themselves were very much part of the show, which sported candy colored and streamlined PCs. Says the central debate was PCs vs. information appliances. Notes Bill Gates keynote speech set the tone realistically, emphasizing that the PC will get stronger, but information appliances will get their share too in information access and delivery. Observed many more thin flat panel monitors this year, at better prices, noting many hid the components usually tucked in clunky beige boxes. Reports that portable gadgets and appliances were all around, noting, sooner or later all of them need to be connected to a PC for uploading or downloading data. Thinks the question should not be PC or Internet appliances - both are needed and they will be better, faster, and cheaper at COMDEX 2000. Includes three photos.
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