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International Business Information (IBI) Directory The IBI Directory is a resource for readers of the book, International Business Information on the Web: Searcher Magazine's Guide to Sites and Strategies for Global Business Research, by Sheri R. Lanza. Organized by chapter and periodically updated, the directory includes links to all the Web resources covered in the book. To use the IBI Directory effectively, a copy of the book is required.

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Chapter 9—Asia & the Pacific

Asia & Pacific Directories

Australian National University Library

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library Data Links

Asian Connection

Sri Lanka Explorer Search Engine


ASNIC—The Asian Studies Network Information Center—University of Texas at Austin

EuroSeek Asia

EuroSeek Oceania

The Nanyang Technological University Library WWW Sites and Information Gateways in Asia

East & Southeast Asia—An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources

Asia & Pacific Search Engines

Locate India

Cari Malaysia Search

AAA Matilda

PNG Net Search

Access New Zealand

Sofcom Internet Directory


Asian & Pacific Yellow Pages

Singapore Yellow Pages

Australia Yellow Pages Online

Bangladesh Yellow Pages Online


ChinaBIG Yellow Pages

Hong Kong Yellow Pages

India Yellow Pages

Indonesian Yellow Pages on the Internet

Korea Yellow Pages

Macau Yellow Pages

Malaysia Yellow Pages

New Zealand Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages of Pakistan

Taiwan Yellow Pages

Vietnam Internet Yellow Pages

Asia & Pacific Company Directories

World Trade Data Base (WTDB)

MOFTEC—Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation—PRC

WebSite URLs of Japanese Companies


EDSA—The Philippine Search Engine

Government Information Office—Republic of China

Beijing Business Directory

Guanghou Business Directory

Shanghai Business Directory

Asia & Pacific Chambers of Commerce—AmChams

American Chamber of Commerce in Australia

American Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh

Guam Chamber of Commerce

American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia

American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

The American Chamber of Commerce in Korea

American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce

American Chamber of Commerce—People’s Republic of China

American Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong, PRC

The American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka

American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam

Asia & Pacific Other Chambers (Not AmChams)

U.S.-Bangladesh Business Council

U.S.-India Business Council

Asia & Pacific Banking & Finance

The Nanyang Technological University Library Financial Data and Resource Locators—Singapore

Reserve Bank of India

Bank of Japan

Export-Import Bank of Korea

Central Bank of Malaysia

Arab-Malaysian Banking Group

National Bank of New Zealand

Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Far East Bank and Trust—Philippines

Overseas Union Bank—Singapore

Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Bangkok Bank

Bank of Thailand

Siam Commercial Bank

Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission—Thailand

Asia & Pacific Stock Exchanges

ASIC, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Australia—Australian Stock Exchange

China—Shanghai Stock Exchange (not the actual exchange)

Hong Kong—Hong Kong Stock Exchange

India—National Stock Exchange of India

India—Stock Exchange of Mumbai

Indonesia Stock Closings

Indonesia—Surabaya Stock Exchange

Indonesia—Jakarta Stock Exchange

Japan—Tokyo Stock Exchange

Korea—Korea Stock Exchange

Malaysia—Malaysia Stock Exchange (not the actual exchange)

New Zealand—New Zealand Stock Exchange

Pakistan—Karachi Stock Exchange

Singapore—Stock Exchange of Singapore

Sri Lanka—Colombo Stock Exchange

Taiwan—Taiwan Stock Exchange

Thailand—Stock Exchange of Thailand

Asia & Pacific News



Taiwan Headlines

NikkeiNet Interactive

The China Business Review

Asia Pacific Management Forum

Asia & Pacific Regional Information

Asia BIG


Austrade Online

Australian Commonwealth Government Entry Point

Australian Business



CETRA, the China External Trade Development Council

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Trade Development Council


Industry and Trade Division of the Embassy of Indonesia

Indonesian National Development Information Office

National Agency for Export Development


Indonesian Trading Zone

APEC Tariff Database


Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics


Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Japan Information Network (JIN)

New Zealand

The New Zealand Herald Online

The UBD E-Directory

Investment in New Zealand


Singapore Inc.

Statistics Singapore


Various Countries

Business Gate—Thailand


Taiwan—Information of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office

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