Computers in Libraries

Cover Image VOLUME 21, NUMBER 5 MAY 2001  
Computers in Libraries
Complete Coverage of Library Information Technology 

This Month: How We Are Dealing with Electronic Information

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Digitization: Is It Worth It?[Full Text]
This expert from Oxford University's Bodleian Library, who has managed several digitization projects, talks about this sort of work, its actual value, and whether your library should approach a digitization project of its own.
by Stuart D. Lee
Page 28
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Evaluating Electronic Journals
Managing serials was difficult enough before the advent of electronic journals, but now we also have to deal with complicated pricing schemes, varying formats, confusing choices, and competing aggregators. It's like the Wild West around here. What's the best way to add these electronic rogues into our collections?
by Jeff Slagell
Page 34
Working Together to Develop Electronic Collections
Different libraries follow different paths as they develop their digital collections. This article outlines two of those paths. These health science librarians learned lessons separately, then later, when they began working together, they compared their experiences and noted some similarities.
by Jonathan Lord and Bart Ragon
Page 40
The View from the Top Left Corner 
The Great Network Shake-Up
by Michael Schuyler
Page 46
Techman's TechPage
Beyond 'Websumerism': Promoting Information Nutrition
by D. Scott Brandt
Page 49
Digital Librarianship
Librarians as Digital Authors and Publishers[Full Text]
by Péter Jacsó
Page 52
Online Treasures
Think Like a Patron When You Consider Buying E-Books
by Janet L. Balas
Page 56
Editor's Notes
It's All on the Web, Isn't It?[Full Text]
by Kathy Dempsey 
Page 6
Newsline[Full Text] Page 8
People & Places Page 60
Industry Reports
Drexel University Moves Aggressively from Print to Electronic Access for Journals
Electronic journals pose a challenge that our industry is still trying to come to terms with. What's happening at Drexel University in Philadelphia is representative of today's climate. This interview with dean of libraries Carol Hansen Montgomery reveals how she deals with the trend.
Page 22
How to Contribute to CIL 2001[Full Text] Page 55
Library Tech Connection Page 63
Index to Advertisers Page 64
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