Computers in Libraries

Computers in Libraries
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This Month: Cutting-Edge Technologies in Action

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Taking E-Books for a Test Drive
With new technologies popping up all the time, chances are your patrons have begun to expect more. Read how this consortium managed the process of helping its libraries collect e-books.
by Ellen Cannon and Beth Watson
Page 24
Look Ma, No Wires! Or, The 10 Steps of Wireless Networking[Full Text]
Does making the transition to a wireless network seem too scary and/or expensive? This pro took his library wireless and hasn't looked back. He'll make sense of your concerns and offer practical guidance.
by James L. "Larry" Glover
Page 28
Application Service Providers: Can They Solve Libraries' Problems?[Full Text]
The whole ASP issue is surrounded by questions, some of which have yet to be answered. Take the advice of this public librarian who uses ASPs every day. He discusses their benefits and their limitations.
by Fred R. Reenstjerna
Page 34
Goin' Mobile: Using a Wireless Network in the Library
When it's too labor-intensive to bring the books to the OPAC software, why not take the software to the books? This law library staff rigged up a wireless system that lets them work in faculty offices and in the stacks.
by Barbara Ginzburg
Page 40
Extending the Reach of the Thin Client
This is the tale of how one library in a statewide medical group became an application service provider for the rest. By setting up a thin client network, the authors were able to reach and serve faraway colleagues who didn't have systems staffs of their own.
by Susan C. Speer and Daniel Angelucci
Page 46
The View from the Top Left Corner 
Cutting-Edge Statistics
by Michael Schuyler
Page 51
Building Digital Libraries 
Knock, Knock, Who's There? Authenticating Users
by Kim Guenther
Page 54
Online Treasures
Looking Ahead to New Technologies
by Janet L. Balas
Page 57
Techman's TechPage 
Cutting Your Teeth on Technologies
by D. Scott Brandt
Page 60
How to Contribute to CIL 2001[Full Text]
Editor's Notes 

We're in DC and on the Cutting Edge[Full Text]
by Kathy Dempsey 
Page 6
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