Computers in Libraries March 2000
Volume 20, Number 3
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This Month: Serving Customers Better as Technology Changes

Fitting the Pieces Together: Developing Better Service for End-Users[Abstract]
When management asked these corporate librarians to develop and publicize library services that would empower end-users, they were up to the challenge. They soon realized that the facets of their services fit together like pieces of a puzzle, and that they had just begun to put them all together ...
by Peggy Bass Bridges and Suzette Morgan
Advice for Teaching Hands-On Computer Classes to Adult Professionals[Abstract]
Teaching students or patrons is one thing, but teaching adults who work at or above your own level is altogether different. This experienced librarian tells how she teaches computer skills to doctors, nurses, and the like.
by Linda E. Masek
Letting the PC Be the Instructor[Abstract]
Teaching classes at your library? (And who isn’t these days?) So why not let the PC do the teaching for you? Whether your users will be learning solely with a computer-based tutorial or whether they will be using one as a backup for live instruction, read this article to find out how to make the most impact with the lesson you create.
by Beth Evans
Reflections on What Happens When Librarians Become Teachers[Full Text]
When information literacy became part of their college’s curriculum, a group of librarians was forced into serious teaching positions. Now, a few years after the fact, they reflect on the changes, for better and for worse.
by Kimberley Donnelly
The View from the Top Left Corner
Better Service Through Creativity and Technology[Abstract]
by Michael Schuyler


Techman's Tech Page
Do the Means Justify the End-User Searching?[Abstract]
by D. Scott Brandt

Online Treasures
Technology Training for All[Abstract]
by Janet L. Balas

Building Digital Libraries
From Information Finders to Product Designers[Abstract]
by Kim Guenther

Editor's Notes
How You Reinvent Your Jobs[Full Text]
by Kathy Miller


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