Computers in Libraries

Cover Image VOLUME 22, NUMBER 6 June 2002
Computers in Libraries
Complete Coverage of Library Information Technology

This Month: Writing Library Policies

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How We Wrote a Policy on Handling Complaints About Offensive Computer Displays
The Internet is a useful tool, but it does come with some complications. For example, what do you do when a patron or library staff member is offended by a display that someone else is viewing on a public computer screen? Finding the right balance between freedom and protection when dealing with complaints can be a bit like walking a tightrope, as this librarian discovered.
by Jerilyn Marshall
Page 12
Molding Effective Internet Policies[Full Text]
After moving into a renovated facility that had 50 new computers,all with Internet access, this library's staff members realized they would need to reshape their existing, general Internet policy. They pulled together examples of other libraries' guidelines, and these, along with the existing policy, became their "raw materials." From them, they crafted a well-defined, flexible policy and workshops for staff and the public.
by Cynthia K. Richey
Page 16
Diving into the Deep Waters of Information Technology Support
Policies are great, and they can be very helpful. But, believe it or not, sometimes you can live without them! Here's the story of a new library technology job that was created and filled with no policies in place, and no job description. This author, who took that open-ended position, decided to dive right in. She and her managers found that they really could make things up as they went along.
by Felicia D. Vereen
Page 22
The View from the Top Left Corner
The Next Big Thing: Super-PDAs Do It All
by Michael Schuyler
Page 28
Online Treasures
Useful Resources for Writing Library Policies
by Janet L. Balas
Page 30
Building Digital Libraries
Enforcer of Web Policies
by Donna Stevenson
Page 34
Techman's TechPage
Writing a Library Training Policy [Full Text]
by D. Scott Brandt
Page 37
Editor's Notes
Dealing with Policies [Full Text]
by Kathy Dempsey 
Page 6
Newsline[Full Text] Page 8
Newsline Reports
CIPA Arguments Heard in Philadelphia District Court
by Elisabeth Winter
Page 10
People & Places Page 40
Library Tech Connection Page 54
Index to Advertisers Page 55
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