Computers in Libraries

Cover Image VOLUME 22, NUMBER 7 JULY/AUGUST 2002  
Computers in Libraries
Complete Coverage of Library Information Technology 

This Month: Buyer's Guide and Consultants Directory 2002

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Editor's Notes
Features That Fit[Full Text]
by Kathy Dempsey
Page 6
Newsline Reports
Information Management and Legal Issues Are Highlights of InfoToday 2002
by Elisabeth Winter
Page 8
Corporate Visions of Personal Computing Space
In the mid-'90s, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and Apple each made predictive videos depicting a future of ubiquitous, secure, and seamless access to data by the year 2011. We may not be there yet, but we are getting closer, as former CIL editor Eric Flower demonstrates in his annual industry review.
by Eric Flower

What's Under Your PC's 'Hood': a Primer for Today's Machines[Full Text]
When was the last time you popped the hood on a brand-new PC and took stock of its inner workings? Read this crash course to brush up on the newest models, features, and options available in today's machines before you take any "test drives."
by Li Chen and Joyce White Mills

Invisible Fences: a Shocking Theory 
for Re-Examining Work Flow
According to this former training consultant, many of the work-flow processes that librarians use are based on the demands and restrictions of their old automation systems. He tells you how, when the boundaries imposed by your old system are lifted, to make a run for it!
by Corey Seeman

Page 10

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Page 24

Overcoming Upheaval
by Jonelle Guy
Page 33
Products and Services by Category
Do you need to know who sells software or security devices, where to go to buy databases, or which companies can help you with MARC record formatting? Turn to the category you're interested in and you'll see the major providers of the hardware, software, information, supply, or service. There are over 250 categories in five areas:
Page 33
Hardware Page 33
Information for Sale Page 35
Services Page 38
Software Page 41
Supplies Page 46
Products and Services by Vendor
With all the recent changes and mergers in our industry, are you curious about exactly what each vendor sells these days?  Look up today's vendors here and find out.
Page 49
Products and Services by Brand Name
If you know a product by name but can't recall the supplier or manufacturer, check here to find it. All respondents' brand names are listed alphabetically.
Page 68
Do you need help meeting your networking needs? Are you considering retrofitting your library building to meet new technology requirements? Find the expertise you're looking for through this directory of people and companies that provide consulting services to libraries.
Page 82
Addresses of Companies
This section comprises an up-to-date, alphabetized directory of companies that do business with the library market. Where available, we've added e-mail and Web addresses to the phone, fax, and regular street address information. 

The 2002 Computers in Libraries Buyer's Guide and Consultants Directory has been compiled by Jonelle Guy.

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Library Tech Connection [PDF] Page 10
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