Computers in Libraries

Cover Image• VOLUME 22, NUMBER 1 — JANUARY 2002 •
Computers in Libraries
Complete Coverage of Library Information Technology

This Month: Building Services That Fit Today's Web Generation

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Catching (and Keeping!) E-Patrons[Full Text]
How can you attract patrons to your Web site and keep them coming back for more? This article outlines ways you can lure people to your site—and what features you can easily provide to get them hooked on it.
by Jeanne Holba Puacz
Page 12
How We Stay Ahead of Our Web Users
When this author was asked to build an online "clearinghouse of information," he based its development on that staple of librarianship: intermediation. By listening to what users wanted and keeping a step ahead of their expectations, the Land Centre's creators proved that a library by any other name can still compete!
by Philip Hall
Page 16
Distant and Distributed Learners Are Two Sides of the Same Coin
When it came to providing the necessary online resources for distant and distributed learners, this academic librarian wondered: Is there a real difference between them anymore? She describes how many universities' use of Web-based applications has blurred the distinction—turning them into two sides of the same coin.
by Brette Barclay Barron
Page 24
From Workbook to Web: Building an Information Literacy OASIS[Full Text]
You can lead a student to information, but you cannot make him think—or can you? This author explains a Web-based information literacy program. Computer-generated questions and instant grading forced students to pass quizzes before the computer automatically reported their final scores to administrators.
by Jeff Rosen and Gina M. Castro
Page 30
The View from the Top Left Corner 
A Serious Look at Systems Security
by Michael Schuyler
Page 36
Online Treasures
Meeting Expectations
by Janet L. Balas
Page 46
Digital Librarianship
Working with, Not Against, Web-Savvy Users
by Péter Jacsó
Page 50
Coming Full Circle
Maintaining Services That Tomorrow's Patrons Will Expect
by Andrew K. Pace
Page 52
Editor's Notes
Today, Customers Reign[Full Text]
by Kathy Dempsey 
Page 6
Newsline[Full Text] Page 8
Newsline Reports
New Laws, New Tools, New Needs: Making Sense of Things at IL 2001
by Elisabeth Winter
Page 10
People & Places Page 56
CIL 2002 Conference Preview Page 41
How to Contribute to CIL 2002[Full Text] Page 55
Library Tech Connection [PDF] Page 67
Index to Advertisers Page 70
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