Computers in Libraries

Cover Image• VOLUME 22, NUMBER 2 — FEBRUARY 2002 •
Computers in Libraries
Complete Coverage of Library Information Technology

This Month: Building the Systems That You Need from Scratch

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Building Your Database and Mounting It on the Web: A Model You Can Follow
In order to provide online access to United Nations Centre for Regional Development publications, this author traveled to Japan to acquire the materials, prepared a database, and published a Web site. Here is his "blueprint" for making the complex collection freely available.
by Christopher C. Brown
Page 10
Creating a Global Information Portal:  Our 9-Month Odyssey
These corporate librarians decided to build an information portal for their company's intranet, and handled every aspect from conception to launch and maintenance. They discovered that creating your own site requires time, attention, and patience--the kind of commitment any newborn would demand.
by Sharon Srodin and June Strupczewski
Page 14
Sowing an Information Garden: Gemini's Home-Grown Catalog[Full Text]
What home-grown project could be bigger than creating your own customized OPAC? If you think you need a big staff and big money to do it, think again. This article from an observatory library in Hawaii illustrates how two people grew their own online catalog from seed.
by Ruth Kneale and Colin Aspin
Page 20
How I Built a Failure-Resistant Web Server for Free
The philosophy behind building a failover Web server is simple: In the event that your primary server fails, the secondary server takes over until the original is back in place. Here's how you can build a backup server—like "plato," the server this author created—for free.
by Christopher Jacoby
Page 24
The View from the Top Left Corner 
Board Meeting Becomes Love Fest for First Amendment
by Michael Schuyler
Page 30
Digital Librarianship
Enhancements of Systems and Products with Web Resources
by Péter Jacsó
Page 33
Online Treasures
Can You Build It? Yes You Can![Full Text]
by Janet L. Balas
Page 36
Techman's TechPage
Create Your Own 'Quick-and-Dirty' Handouts
by D. Scott Brandt
Page 39
Editor's Notes
A Tribute to the Do-It-Yourself Crowd[Full Text]
by Kathy Dempsey 
Page 6
Newsline[Full Text] Page 8
People & Places Page 42
How to Contribute to CIL 2002[Full Text]
Library Tech Connection [PDF] Page 52
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