Company History

Online, a Division of Information Today, Inc. has been a leader in the electronic information industry for over 25 years. Founded in 1976 as Online, Inc., the company has been serving electronic information users and producers with cutting-edge publications and events. 

ONLINE magazine was launched in 1977, to provide evaluation and informed opinion about selecting, using, and managing electronic information products, as well as industry and professional information about online database systems.

ONLINE was recognized as Online Inc.'s leading publication for information professionals, delivering in-depth articles and analysis in the electronic information industry until its inclusion in the Information Today family of products in October 2001. 

In 1978 company founder Jeff Pemberton created DATABASE (now EContent) magazine. The magazine was originally developed to offer more in-depth coverage of electronic databases and was immediately successful. In 2000 DATABASE was renamed EContent and has become the complete resource for the digital content industry, reporting on the business and infrastructure of electronic content.

In 1987, Online Inc. launched the first issue of Laserdisk Professional magazine (now EMedia). In 1994 Laserdisc Professional became CD-ROM Professional and quickly earned the reputation as the CD-ROM "Industry Bible." In 1998 CD-ROM Professional became EMedia, recognizing the huge impact of DVD technology. Today, EMedia is at the crossroads of many converging technologies and is edited for technology professionals who produce, store, present, and stream digital content. Subscribers work in all industries-from publishing and multimedia to education and training-in everything from content creation and delivery to corporate sales and marketing. 

In addition to its magazine lineup, Online Inc. produces numerous B2B events to meet the rapidly changing needs of information professionals and digital media creators, Each Online Inc. event provides the same high-value content experience as the magazines we produce. Online Inc. has developed a suite of niche conferences and expos that are leaders in their respective market categories. Each product has been developed with the care and commitment as were the company's first products over 25 years ago.

In May 2002, Information Today, Inc. acquired the assets of Online Inc. including the publications EContent and EMedia as well as the conferences WebSearch University, Buying & Selling eContent, and Intranets. 

Online key personnel are headquartered in the Wilton, CT office, including EMedia magazine Publisher Adam Pemberton and EContent magazine editor Michelle Manafy. 

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