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March 2000
Volume 24, Number 2


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Changing Roles Section

New Roles Come of Age
  Mick O'Leary

The Changing Roles of Information Professionals: Excerpts from an Outsell, Inc. Study
  Mary Corcoran, Lynn Dagar, and Anthea Stratigos

The Changing Role of the Information Vendor
  Thomas Pack

I Never Learned About That in Library School: Curriculum Changes in LIS
  Carol Tenopir

Principled Libraries: Finding Stability in Changing Times
  Walt Crawford

Industry Insights - Changing Roles of Information Professionals: Choices and Implications
  Mary Corcoran

Intranet Librarian - Search Master: A New Role for Information Professionals
  Darlene Fichter


Linux and CD-ROM Networking: An Academic Library's DIY Solution
  Simon Bains & Howard Richardson

Webforia Reporter: A Review
  Chris Sherman

A Global Business Information Newcomer: SkyMinder.com
  Hal Kirkwood


Internet Search Engine Update - New Search Features, Developments, and Content
  Greg Notess

On the Net - Search Engine Inconsistencies
  Greg R. Notess

The Dollar $ign - Information Role Models in Market Research
  Marydee Ojala

O'Leary Online - Vortals on the Rise
  Mick O'Leary

PC Monitor - New Sounds for the New Millennium
  Walt Crawford

Hardcopy - Recommended Reading on Project Management
  Deborah Lynne Wiley

Reva's (W)Rap
  Reva Basch


The HomePage - Thrive or Survive
  Bill Mickey

Industry News

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