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Volume 18, Issue 11 — December 2001
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Gale Adopts SFX OpenURL Standard

Gale Group has announced that it has adopted the SFX OpenURL standard, a technology that links databases to one another at the document level regardless of their source. SFX is available in Gale's InfoTrac databases, which are in use in more than 100 countries.

"SFX is a significant milestone in the evolution of electronic reference because it addresses a fundamental problem with electronic databases: They operate independently of each other. A library may have developed a great research collection using a variety of vendors' databases, but if they aren't tied to one another, their value is significantly diminished," said John Barnes, Gale Group's senior vice president of product management. "SFX allows for comprehensive, integrated electronic solutions."

SFX was created by Ex Libris, a worldwide supplier of software solutions for libraries and information centers. Using SFX, libraries define the rules that allow it to create links that integrate their information resources regardless of their host. SFX links are context-sensitive and configure based on the institution's e-collection. Context-sensitivity prevents dead links—users are presented with only those links to information available within the library's collection.

Source: Gale Group, Farmington Hills, MI, 800/877-GALE;

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