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Volume 18, Issue 11 December 2001
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Swets Blackwell Announces Consortium Agreement

Swets Blackwell has announced the arrangement of a national license between the National Steering Committee of Iceland and six major STM publishers. The discussions were carried out by Swets Blackwell's office in Copenhagen, Denmark, in close collaboration with the head office in Lisse, Netherlands.

Under the terms of the agreement, Icelandic libraries, government and academic institutions, and private citizens will have full-text access to journals produced by the following publishers: Academic Press (now part of Elsevier Science), Blackwell Publishing, S. Karger Publishers, Kluwer Academic Publishers, and Springer-Verlag. Iceland's 283,000 inhabitants can now access more than 2,000 e-journals from their offices as well as their private homes. For the first time, publishers can analyze the "e-journal behavior" of an entire nation.

Geert Visscher, CEO of Swets Blackwell, said: "It has been both a challenge and a privilege to work on a contract of such a singular nature. We were able to bring Swets Blackwell's considerable experience working with both libraries and publishers to the task."

Peter Munksgaard, director of Swets Blackwell Denmark, said: "The size of the Icelandic population made the contract possible, but the publishers' willingness to walk down untrodden paths was a significant factor in its success. Giving access to everyone within a single country is an achievement all involved can be proud of."

The National Steering Committee of Iceland is delighted with the agreement. The committee's administrator, Thora Gylfadottir, said: "Our users are very happy with the e-journals. With one stroke,Swets Blackwell and the participating publishers have given the Icelandic population access to an enormous collection of knowledge."

Source: Swets Blackwell, Lisse, Netherlands, 011-31-252-435-111;

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