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Volume 18, Issue 11 — December 2001
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XMLCities Unveils 'Non-Intrusive' XML Publishing Package

XMLCities, Inc. has introduced XMLMaker Suite, a comprehensive software package designed for XML and document professionals to convert unstructured documents into high-quality XML content. According to the announcement, XMLMaker Suite, unlike other XML editors or authoring tools, provides a genuine "non-intrusive" XML-creation experience that doesn't require authors and content creators to change or add template plug-ins to their familiar word-processing tools. While the benefits of XML content are widely acknowledged, the complexity of XML markup and the lack of XML-savvy professionals have led to the industry-standard practice of forcing authors and other content creators to use specialized word-processing tools built into XML-publishing suites or to utilize restrictive templates for content generation.

XMLMaker Suite uses automated and intuitive XML-conversion features that enable the adoption of XML publishing without requiring companies to discard popular word-processing tools. The comprehensive suite includes distinct modules for DTD (Document Type Definition) creation and offers the flexibility of editing during the conversion process. It also provides an intuitive WYSIWYG interface for easy Select-n-Click XML tagging, XML editing for validation and quality control, and advanced XSLT (eXtensible Style Language Transfer) design for XML-to-XML transformation and advanced Internet publishing.

"XMLCities has a unique and valid approach to XML publishing that sets them apart in the industry," said Ron Schmelzer, senior analyst at ZapThink, Inc., an XML consulting firm. "Particularly effective for highly unstructured content like news, education, financial, and legal information, XMLCities' non-intrusive XML-conversion approach makes XML publishing an extremely beneficial solution for many organizations looking to integrate XML into their operations without requiring an overhaul of people."

According to the announcement, XMLMaker Suite directly accepts RTF and Adobe PDF files for XML conversion to provide an easy, versatile format for widespread XML content deployments. The XDTD Editor enables users to create, edit, or import DTDs that work in combination with the Select-n-Click tagging feature to allow XML markups to be accomplished faster than manual XML editing tools. XMLMaker Suite may also work with third-party XML editing tools for easy integration into existing document-management systems or for other specialized requirements.

The integrated XSLTMaker module provides a tool for XML-to-XML transformation for business-to-business integration, as well as conversion into any output format—including HTML, WAP, and cHTML—for advanced Internet-publishing solutions. Users load a specific output DTD, and the drop-down menus will customize the creation of XSLT for the target end result. The module offers a full, open XSLT editing environment that supports the complete XSLT feature set. According to the announcement, XSLTMaker can also edit existing XSLT files and then output and validate any markup format, facilitating faster work flows and providing a tool for XML-based Web site management.

Source: XMLCities, Inc., Milpitas, CA, 408/934-7878;

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