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Volume17, Number 4 • April 2000
Factiva Unveils Competitive Intelligence Tool Suite

Factiva has announced the release of the Fuld Competitive Intelligence Center, a competitive intelligence resource. According to the company, this resource is designed to help business professionals, from managers to CEOs, ask the right questions so they can obtain the intelligence they need to make timely, strategic decisions.

The Fuld Competitive Intelligence Center is located in the Ask Dow Jones section of Dow Jones Interactive, and can be accessed through Dow Jones Interactive, a business intelligence service offered by Factiva, provides global news and in-depth business information to business professionals in many industries. According to the announcement, launching the Fuld Competitive Intelligence Center in the Dow Jones Interactive Web site is part of Factiva’s strategy to help businesspeople minimize the time it takes to get answers and maximize the value of the information they obtain.

“This global marketplace, combined with an intense, ever-shifting competitive business environment, has made corporate intelligence a mission-critical necessity,” said Clare Hart, president and CEO of Factiva. “As we move into an era where business intelligence—and intelligent management—will make the difference between success and failure, the Fuld Competitive Intelligence Center gives Factiva customers a strategic advantage. This site also reinforces our commitment to arm our customers with relevant and reliable business information, and to provide the tools to help them use that information to make the best business decisions.”

“Competitive intelligence is as old as commerce itself,” said Leonard Fuld, founder and CEO of Fuld & Co. “Yet today’s managers have to wrestle with so much information, they often shove the mounds of data aside rather than use it for competitive advantage. This suite of intelligence tools speaks in the language of decision makers, giving them the practical tools that will help them develop competitive intelligence to shape their business strategies and direction.”

According to the announcement, the Fuld Competitive Intelligence Center provides executives and business managers at all levels with powerful company, industry, and trend analysis tools that help them efficiently compile, evaluate, and act on competitive intelligence. “Armed with this competitive intelligence, business professionals can make more effective business decisions on such vital issues as product development, market positioning, innovation, and pricing,” said Fuld.

Each month, the site will feature an interview with a top CEO or other well-known executive. The interviews will be conducted by Fuld, and will uncover each executive’s competitive strategies, challenges, and successes.

The Fuld Competitive Intelligence Center also offers a Competitive Intelligence Primer developed by Iron Horse Multimedia. This primer is an interactive introduction to competitive intelligence basics—covering topics such as information analysis, research techniques, global information interpretation, and competitive intelligence program organization. In addition, the site’s Strategic Intelligence Organizer provides a complete checklist of information revealing the best competitive practices used by successful companies.

Source: Factiva, Princeton, NJ, 800/530-4505, 609/520-4660;

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