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Volume17, Number 4 • April 2000
DeepCanyon and Giga Information Group Announce Agreement

DeepCanyon and Giga Information Group have announced a strategic online content agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, select Giga research is now available for sale through DeepCanyon (, a multidimensional Web resource that offers marketing professionals a variety of business resources in a single location.

According to the announcement, the addition of Giga to the company’s partner roster provides further momentum to DeepCanyon’s objective of offering the highest-quality collection of expert analyses of technology trends and market forecasts. The site already brings together dynamic market intelligence and business content from several highly regarded sources, including ARS, ActivMedia, Dun & Bradstreet, Forrester Research, Institute for the Future, IntelliQuest Information Group, Northern Light Technology, The Yankee Group, and Zona Research.

DeepCanyon will serve as a new distribution point for a select number of Giga’s IdeaBytes: concise discussions of analyst ideas and recommendations on a particular topic. In addition, DeepCanyon will have a number of Giga Planning Assumptions, catalyst-driven research that provides more detailed analysis of topics. Giga’s research content—which focuses on the role of technology in e-business—historically has been available only to its subscribers, typically larger corporations with dedicated budgets for market research. This research is now being made available and affordable for small to mid-sized companies.

“We are committed to increasing access to our research by making it more affordable and finding new channels for distribution,” said Ann K. Coffou, vice president of Giga’s e-Content Business Development. “DeepCanyon is an ideal distribution partner because it is so clearly focused on making targeted, in-depth information more readily available to busy marketing professionals.”

“Giga is one of the top e-business research and advisory firms in the industry, and it chooses its partners very carefully,” said Lisa Wellman, CEO of DeepCanyon. “This agreement signifies its noteworthy support of DeepCanyon’s mission to help its customers find clear, relevant market intelligence on the Internet.”

Giga Information Group provides objective research, advice, and continuous coaching on technology for e-business. Giga’s integrated suite of offerings helps clients make strategic decisions about the technologies, people, and processes needed to excel in the new digital economy. Emphasizing close interaction between analysts and clients, Giga delivers support with the speed and scope necessary for e-business.

According to the announcement, Giga began providing services in April 1996 and now has a global client base encompassing more than 1,100 organizations and more than 120,000 licensed users, making it the fastest-growing company in the history of the IT advisory industry. Its enterprise clients include companies that use, sell, and invest in technology.

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Giga has 10 other offices covering the Americas and Europe. Giga is also represented by distributors in other areas of the world.

DeepCanyon, headquartered in Seattle, is a Web resource for marketers that provides world-class information from dependable and trusted sources to help busy marketing professionals make informed strategic decisions. DeepCanyon is a fast, easy way to get relevant, authoritative, and up-to-date information. Officially launched in September 1999, DeepCanyon provides expertise and guidance from top industry analysts; tips from marketing experts and insiders; highlights of emerging trends; useful tools to help marketers work smarter; a community of experts with whom users can keep in touch and share ideas; and links to extensive relevant Web sites for marketers.

Source: DeepCanyon, Seattle, 877/DCANYON; and Giga Information Group, Cambridge, MA, 781/792-2600;

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