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Volume17, Number 4 • April 2000
Axis Communications Enhances StorPoint CD E100 Storage Server

Axis Communications, Inc. has announced the availability of a powerful upgrade to its AXIS StorPoint CD E100, a network-attached storage server that, according to the company, makes networking CD/DVDs fast, efficient, and easy, without the need for a file server or PC. Release 5.30 for the AXIS StorPoint CD E100 provides CD-R and CD-RW support, and it handles DVD-ROMs with up to 9 GB, caching for 255 CDs, and Pure IP communications in Novell’s NetWare environment and SLPv2. The upgrade also enhances data access speed.

“This has been an industry-leading product, and it just got that much better,” said Fredrik Nilsson, director of marketing at Axis Communications. “Enhancements like this upgrade give our partners additional advantages in customizing storage solutions to address customer needs. And it allows existing users to upgrade their current investments without any additional cost.”

Information can be incrementally added to CD-R and CD-RW disks on the Axis StorPoint device. No special CD-R mastering software is required to back up applications or archive information—users save to the network just as if they were using any hard drive.

The upgrade also addresses the migration needs of NetWare 4.x users as it supports both TCP/IP and IPX. This functionality gives NetWare users the flexibility to migrate all or part of their network storage communications from IPX to TCP/IP, enabling them to protect their investment in NetWare 4.x.

As with other Axis products, release 5.30 supports a full range of networking protocols and operating systems simultaneously. Whether users are running NetWare, Windows NT, OS/2, or UNIX, they can access online CD-R/CD-RW/DVD data at the same time over any network.

According to the company, this release builds upon innovations in the 5.20 upgrade, which offers superior NT network administration. StorPoint can use existing network users and groups from local and “trusted” NT domains; there is no need to re-create network groups. NT Security is a right-mouse click on the StorPoint object as if it were an NT 4.0 server. StorPoint can also be administered through “Server Manager.” Because security and administration issues are handled on StorPoint the same way as on any other NT 4.0 server, there is no learning curve for network administrators.

Release 5.30 for AXIS StorPoint CD E100 also features a remote authentication server capability that enables StorPoint to be easily integrated into remote Macintosh environments where security is important. Remote user lists and group lists are supported, and security is handled through a Web browser.

Through hard-disk caching, the AXIS StorPoint CD E100 allows many CDs or DVDs to be copied to a hard disk. Data access speed across the network is improved significantly due to the access and transfer speeds of a hard disk compared to optical media devices. In addition, the number of CDs and DVDs that can be cached is now increased to 255, limited only by the size of the hard disk—which maximizes the investment.

The enhanced AXIS StorPoint CD E100 also gives users fast access to multiple CDs and DVDs—delivering a throughput of up to 4 MB/sec. There are no delays, downtime, or problems with unavailable data from swapping disks in multi-disc CD changers.

According to the company, the product features the AXIS ETRAX 100, a 32-bit custom network RISC processor that allows network-attached devices to take a big leap in performance at a competitive price. The ETRAX 100 is at the core of Axis ThinServer Technology, which also includes embedded software consisting of self-contained “thin” versions of popular operating systems and a Web server for consistent, networkwide management.

Like other Axis storage products, the AXIS StorPoint CD E100 offers optional AXIS StorPoint Disco software to make it easy for users to see and use all CDs and DVDs networked by multiple AXIS StorPoint CD servers on their department or enterprise networks.

AXIS StorPoint CD E100 Release 5.30 is now available as a free download from the Axis Web site. StorPoint is part of a complete CD tower solution offered by Axis’ total solution providers. End-user pricing for total solutions with the AXIS StorPoint CD E100 technology begins at $2,000, depending on the tower configuration and capability of included drives. The AXIS StorPoint CD E100 is available through Axis’ Total Solutions Providers and major distributors. AXIS StorPoint Disco is a free download from the Axis Web site.

According to the announcement, Axis Communications is a leader in network connectivity and an emerging player in wireless communications and value-added Internet-based services. The company develops and markets solutions that enhance communications between people and how they interact with information using network and wireless devices.

Founded in 1984, Axis employs over 350 people worldwide. Axis has its headquarters in Lund, Sweden, and offices in 17 countries including the U.S., Asia, and Europe.

Source: Axis Communications, Inc., Chelmsford, MA, 978/614-2000; Fax: 978/614-2100;

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