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Volume17, Number 4 • April 2000
DeLorme Releases XMap Business CD-ROM

DeLorme, Inc. has announced the release of XMap Business, a new mapping program on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM that will help businesses locate customers, plan delivery routes, generate mailing lists, and more. According to the company, XMap Business is a powerful, affordable program designed specifically for businesses that don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on complex Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions, but that do want to visually and efficiently manage their organizations within a geographic context. The program combines detailed, street-level maps with database-management tools, easy-to-use annotation functions, and over 104 million business and residential telephone listings.

“XMap Business is the answer for our longtime customers who have called on us to create mapping and data tools to assist them in their business activities,” said CEO David DeLorme. “For a cost of just $99.95 for the entire U.S., they can not only see their current and potential business geographically, but they can mark out territories, create targeted mailing lists from the program’s built-in database, plan business travel, and even make maps to post on their Web sites.”

According to the company, XMap Business enables businesspeople to do the following:

Professionals such as real estate brokers can create customized maps of neighborhoods with driving routes and directions between property listings. They can print out maps of those directions that include the locations of schools, grocery stores, and other landmarks of importance to buyers. A marketing director in charge of a chain of clothing stores can mark each store on the map, and, during a radio advertising campaign, can illustrate which outlets generated the highest sales, helping him or her gauge the effectiveness of that campaign for each market.

As with DeLorme’s consumer-mapping programs, Street Atlas USA and Topo USA 2.0, XMap Business lets people move around maps of the U.S. and zoom in and out of multiple levels of map detail. They can also avoid getting lost by loading the program on a laptop computer and connecting to a GPS receiver, such as the DeLorme Earthmate GPS Receiver.

Owners of hand-held computers can download a component through the NetLink tab that enables them to export map views to either a Palm Computing or Windows CE hand-held computer. By purchasing DeLorme’s Solus Pro application through the company’s Web site, multiple maps and routes can be created in XMap Business, transferred to a hand-held, and then used in conjunction with a GPS receiver.

XMap Business runs on Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 or later, requires a personal computer with an Intel Pentium 120 MHz or higher processor, 32 MB of RAM, and 130 MB of available hard-disk space.

Source: DeLorme, Inc., Yarmouth, ME, 207/846-7000;

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