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Volume17, Number 4 • April 2000
eBusiness Technologies Unveils DynaBase 4.0

eBusiness Technologies, a division of Inso Corp., has announced the availability of DynaBase 4.0, a major new release of its XML-enabled Web content management and dynamic delivery solution. According to the company, DynaBase 4.0 delivers a new generation of Web publishing capabilities that will enable e-businesses to reduce their time to market, lower operating costs, increase opportunities to generate sales, and enhance customer relationships.

“We have optimized DynaBase to provide new levels of functionality, scalability, and reliability to meet the growing demands of interactive e-business and e-commerce sites,” said James Ringrose, president of eBusiness Technologies. “DynaBase 4.0 offers the full spectrum of technology for gathering, managing, and delivering online content that is critical to the success of companies seeking to move to a true e-business enterprise.”

DynaBase 4.0 significantly reduces the time and complexity involved in building and managing dynamic, personalized Web sites by providing tools that eliminate the need to write complex scripts, simplify the content contribution process, and streamline the content management function.

DynaBase 4.0 includes Web Builder, a set of XML tags that enables sites to build dynamic, personalized content without complex scripting or programming. Web Builder’s set of XML tags dynamically generates key business interactivity features including page-level cache management, conditional delivery of content, search, and template construction.

Web Manager Pro, a Java-based application, enables remote content management access. Web Manager Pro’s multi-threaded architecture delivers significantly faster access to content, and its new site-management features and enhanced search functionality simplify the process of managing large amounts of content.

Web Author is an easy-to-use, browser-based content contribution client. According to the company, Web Author’s simple, Windows Explorer-like interface allows a wide range of business workers to easily access and manage content. Web Author can be customized to meet the needs of a company’s users, partners, resellers, and customers.

Web Starter is a fully functional sample Web site that includes examples of the most common e-business applications built with the Web Builder tag set. The pages can be used as an example or customized to quickly launch Web applications. Finally, Web Tracer is a browser-based application that enables users to debug and monitor their scripts in real time.

Source: eBusiness Technologies, Providence, RI, 401/752-4400;

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