Information Today
Volume17, Number 4 • April 2000
ISI Unveils New Market Reach and Intelligence Tool

The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) has announced a new lineup of direct marketing and market intelligence tools for scientific product manufacturers, biotechnology firms, publishers, and researchers. These tools comprise the new product, TermTracker, a market intelligence resource that helps corporations identify reports of their own products, as well as their competitors,’ from the full text of current scientific articles. On a daily basis, TermTracker electronically scans the full text of journal articles, including both the detailed Materials and Methods and the Experimental sections, from over 6,000 leading scientific publications.

Clients work directly with ISI information specialists to develop unique profiles reflecting the client’s marketing, competitive intelligence, and product development and support needs. These customized profiles can include company, product, generic, and equipment names—and more. Once a profile is established, TermTracker applies an electronic data capture system to the ISI database of core scientific literature to identify and extract recent mentions of the terms and phrases listed in that profile from the full text of articles indexed in the database. TermTracker results include complete bibliographic and author address information, allowing clients to quickly discover who is referencing their products and those of their competition.

“Besides traditional marketing applications, scientific research and equipment manufacturers are using TermTracker to trace usage of clients’ and competitors’ products, and monitor published literature for new applications and processes,” said Alan Hess, vice president of corporate market development at ISI. “In addition, some clients have reported success in identifying key research and opinion leaders in the marketplace, while others have been able to more accurately estimate market share by tracking product mentions.

“We know that TermTracker can be used as an intelligence resource that delivers clear snapshots of the scientific marketplace as captured in the journal literature, and we have been pleased to see the creative ways in which these ISI clients have applied the information from this product,” said Hess. “In fact, in the biopharmaceutical market, clients report using TermTracker for strategic and competitive intelligence, pharmacovigilance, and to assess markets where submissions or launches are pending. There are multiple applications of the data.”

All results from TermTracker are provided weekly via the Web for downloading into Reference Manager, a multipurpose bibliographic management program. According to the announcement, strong database management functions within the Reference Manager software enable users to organize their TermTracker results and quickly build in-house marketing and market intelligence databases. The full text of any article can also be ordered through ISI Document Solution. Other products supporting this line include Scientific Direct Customized Mailing Lists, which offer postal and e-mail addresses of published authors.

Source: Institute for Scientific Information, Philadelphia, 800/336-4474, 215/386-0100; Fax: 215/386-2911;

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