Volume 17, Number 4 • April 2000
A guide to First Amendment issues — This book helps librarians balance free speech and public access
by Gwen M. Gregory

Presents a favorable review of "Libraries, the First Amendment, and Cyberspace: What You Need to Know" ($32) by Robert S. Peck, published in 2000 by the American Library Association of Chicago, IL. States that this 216-page paperback combines the author's knowledge of law and libraries to produce a useful guide for librarians. Says that the first two chapters introduce First Amendment law and its application to libraries, and the subsequent seven chapters describe specific areas of First Amendment law in depth, with many examples pertaining to libraries. Adds that the final chapter deals specifically with cyberspace and free speech issues. Notes that the title is a bit misleading, as the entire book is really not focused on cyberspace, but reaches to a broad range of free speech issues that can involve libraries. Contains a product source guide.
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