Volume 8, Number 5 • May 2000
Computer industry market information: tabular market data, statistics, and forecasts
by Amelia Kassel

WEB WISE WAYS column highlights a small company called Data Analysis Group of Cloverdale, CA. Reports that this niche market publisher and database producer ceased publication of the printed version of "Computer Industry Forecasts" and now exists exclusively on the Web under the name InfoTech Trends. Relates that InfoTech Trends isolates data from full-text articles and creates a tabular format only, a fast and easy way to retrieve and view statistical information. Also discusses TableBase, which is available from Responsive Database Services of Beechwood, OH, and offers comparable speedy access to hard market data and statistics in tabular forms. Adds that it covers a much broader range of industries than InfoTech Trends. Concludes that each of these databases contains high-quality information that is quick and easy to access. Includes six screen displays, four tables, and a sidebar.
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