Volume 8, Number 3 • March 2000
OCLC's FirstSearch: a rookie matures
by Jane Bambrick

Presents a profile of FirstSearch from OCLC of Dublin, OH (614). Relates that when the program began its opening season, there was a sense of uncertainty about the "rookie" team. Notes that there were some initial drawbacks, but the owners of FirstSearch worked diligently the improve the franchise by adding more players, increasing full-text coverage, and streamlining document delivery and interlibrary loan capabilities. Says that the great turning point came with the introduction of a Web interface, and now, with the creation of New FirstSearch, OCLC has given fans full truncation, unlimited use of the OR operator, cross-database searching, the capability to sort search results, and relevancy ranking. Concludes that overall, FirstSearch has fully matured, and that although it still faces stiff competition, the New FirstSearch has made it to the majors. Includes three tables and a sidebar.
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