Volume 8, Number 6 • June 2000
Come out, come out, wherever you are: directories on the Web
by Irene E. McDermott

Presents a guide to directories for locating people on the Web. Describes seven free telephone and address directories, such as InfoUSA. Mentions four directories and engines that search for e-mail addresses exclusively, like MESA:Your MetaEmailSearchAgent. Discloses three sites to help discover family roots, such as Internet FamilyFinder. Recommends two sites for free access to public records: Pacific Information Resources, Inc. and BRB Publications, Inc. Says there are sites for tracking down who is responsible for Web pages. Warns that database producers can have a wide array of pricing for access to their information. Mentions KnowX, IRB Online, USSEARCH.com, The American Information Network Inc., and CDB Infotek. Includes three screen displays and one sidebar.
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